Missing character

Logged into BC Classic after not playing since 2019 and cannot see my character. Logged into Wow Classic and character appears but is greyed out. The option to activate a clone is also not available - says the shop is temporarily unavailable. Cannot enter the world or do anything. My character was on Kirtonos which no longer exists which might have something to do with it. I also cannot realm transfer the character. I get an error saying choose an expansion on the character select screen and activate clone on the character select screen. I can’t do either of those because the option does not appear. Anyone know what to do?

Pretty much one of the “lucky” people who still has their character in the realm merging void.

I just got mine after 3 weeks of waiting, but still missing a couple.

Howdy Aboriginal,

With the merging it has taken some time to get all the characters moved over. Keep an eye out on your new server.

Merge List NA

Just curious, were your the GM of a guild? That’s the character I’m still waiting for

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