TBC dead server, is a server transfer possible?

I’ve been playing tbc classic, and have leveled a new character to 60 on Grobbulus. But my old classic warlock character I used to play, is on a completely dead server, Bigglesworth on alliance and there is only 11 players online through the entire server. Is it possible to get a server transfer to Pagle on my old warlock character. As I am moving my newly leveled character there with a paid transfer I am just waiting on npc mail to be sent to me to do so, and I would like to have my old warlock there as well.

Maybe I am missing something, but are you getting an error when you try to transfer them?

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An error on my new character on Grobbulus yes. But that is likely just an npc mail stuck until it arrives.

This is for my warlock on a dead server. As I am moving my warrior when I can with a paid transfer. Just my lock is stuck on a dead server, and was wondering if free transfer work for that.

Yes, just purchase the transfer and Blizzard will provide the service.

If you are asking for a free transfer, then no. You can suggest a free migration, but they generally do not offer free migration from a “dead” realm, as that exacerbates the problem.


Free transfers are not for moving off of a dead server. They’re to move people from a high-pop server to a low pop server.


They have always done free transfers from over populated realms to low pop realms. Never from low pop realms. So if you want to move you will have to pay for a transfer.

Damn, there is no way this server is ever coming to life. There isn’t a single thing even on the AH.

Yes, you can always switch servers with whatever character, as long as you pay for each individual one. If you’re asking for a free transfer, (and I researched the BC Classic forums) it appears on August 9, they’re going to consolidate down the BC Servers, according to this Blue post, here:

They even provided a couple of source links regarding “free character transfers”:

I can only assume, if you can’t get a free character transfer, then it’s probably not available for the category, you’re asking for.


Oh wow, yeah I just checked. I didn’t think there would be a free transfer there. I can move servers but not to pagle. Thank you for the info!


Also note if your on one of these servers being retired it also says if you do not take the transfer before hand you could be locked out of your toon for up to two weeks.

If so would either take the free transfer or pay for one. Sure they know with the next class servers that will launch will pull more players away from these servers and again when the retail xpac hits as well.


Yeah, anyone playing on those BC Classic Servers should probably read that blue post. As far as I can tell, it’s still in effect.

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I imagine this is just a precaution in case complications arise. When dealing with that much data, it’s always good to count on shenanigans.


Had the same idea try to get people to move early and help stop the sudden influx of more accounts that have to all be moved in a short time. Yes hopefully they wont run into issues but have to be realistic and expect things to go wrong.

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