Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ Arrives September 26

Agreed. I haven’t logged into this character in months. What difference would it make to my server if I transferred to a TBC server?

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Sorry, I had assumed you were better at the game, that was my mistake.

This nothing new - were you even playing back when WotLK first released>

Time to get to 70? I’m hoping you mean alts because if you’re not 70 by now it’s your fault LOL

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my my i struck a nerve, resorting to the old “ur bad” trick huh, well you would lick my boots to have me carry you through a normal 5man im sure.

Pre-Patch date is going to be… wait for it… August 23rd.

Why?, you ask? Because it’s 2 weeks after August 9th server migrations. Bliz would never lock players into migration while updating the servers to a new patch/expac. That would cause them more work. Oh, they’d do it if it only screwed the players but no way they would do it to themselves.

exactly… they need to announce the actual fresh server names, types, and number of servers so communities and guilds can start forming.


apparently the beta is a buggy mess.

can we please have faction change?

It’s dead because everyone is waiting for wrath pre patch, since the exp buff dropped Rem has become a little more vibrant… Once wrath hits should be looking at 6months of mass population before it dies off and I finally succumb and transfer to a PVP server :upside_down_face:

This is wonderful and we have all been waiting for this for over 2 years now (Classic nowhere near enough content to play for more than 6 months, same with TBC)
Wrath addresses 95% of the issues Classic/TBC had. (Content, rewards, class balance, Justice/Valor points)
But please tell us you were joking about not putting in Dungeon Finder?
We need it, period.


when is prepatch?

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Put in RDF at some point. Please and thank you.


If it was better then explain why mid Cata blizz started to lose subs and is the true beginning of the subs downfall to what it is today. I somewhat enjoyed cata at the beginning but got bored real fast. wotlk was the best and most popular xpac ever. Numbers don’t lies

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question about the existing Lv58 boost: how does that change, considering WotLK introduces Lv70 boost? will the bonuses – the Reawakened Phase-Hunter in particular – still be obtainable with the Lv70 boost, or do i need to get the Lv58 boost now to get that mount?

From what I understand there will be no change to the 58 boost and the restrictions of it will remain. You should still be able to claim the rewards from an innkeeper without any issues.

Time to take off and complain about how the servers are packed all day. Launch day forums will be on fire lmao.

Does this confirm that it was an accident then?

10 gold gets YOU the chance to never gain xp again…
I use it myself sometimes on retail when I want to complete every zone in an expansion before I move on…
50% boost is not going to last the entire expansion by the way…it’s only up until launch day.
Fresh server players , like my self , are going to have to level through Vanilla and TBC just to get ready for launch ( which I am looking forward to honestly) but having that extra xp will help.

Late WotLK, Cata & MoP was the point where the game had been out for some time (since 2004), and a lot of long-time player burnout/cancellations were also happening. I myself canceled during MoP due to franchise fatigue, coupled with my dislike of the general satirical Disney-like theme of MoP (mini-games, goofy panda race, alcoholic monk class, etc.).

Every xpac is “Eye of the Beholder” & you know what they say about opinions. WotLK was popular due to the general theme & faceroll easy “casual-friendly” mass-appeal gameplay, more than anything else. I personally liked (& disliked) both WotLK & Cata for various different reasons.

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