Blizzard is shutting down some TBC Classic servers. Would you be scared if this happened to retail one day?

they could have done the same thing to classic servers though if it had to be that way

They decided to not waste the time, because those servers aren’t as old and no one cares. Here, they care. Connected Realms don’t exist for the coding for those servers. They don’t even have sharding, they have layering. Different coding, different ways of dealing with it.

Connected Realms exist HERE.

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It’s long overdue honestly. Blizzard will come up with a million solutions rather than doing the obvious one.


they should tbh assuming some servers are not filled to their potentials. i doubt they will do this though why? cause they can milk profits off server transfers even at sales. i’ve seen games do this and it’s taken many years for them to combine servers cost to transfer was about the same and the items rarely went on sale maybe once a year only. they cut back on servers cause some were just so low pop and they weren’t getting enough players back to even make it feasable to keep all those servers running i mean it made no sense otherwise.

outside of that though i mean no i wouldn’t be scared cause when they do this they need to transfer everything for free regardless i think in the other game the biggest issue was that they only xfered a set amount of “gold” so people with cap were pissed and just started to try and manipulate the AH by buying things that sold for higher profit in the new server and xfer those thus screwing up the AH for some time.

Correction, to BC Servers. Vanilla Classic is CRZ. Why Blizz decided to consolidate the BC Servers, I have no idea.

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Retail has had several server merges already. WoW’s active playerbase is down by a large degree.


Exactly. We have Connected Realms, not deletions.


im talking about retail not classic. with classic they already merged servers but i doubt they will dwindle it down to say a small handful cause im sure they make a decent amount of money off server transfers especially with sales

OH! My bad. lol

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How did you get “Shutting the whole game down one day” from “Shutting down some servers” ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean it’s not like Blizzard won’t add in more servers.

Ahh yes, Clark’s take on things wouldn’t be complete without the “yOu sHouD bE aPprEciAteD tHaT bLizZaRD dOes tHe bArE mInIMuM” card. :roll_eyes:


Well good on Blizzard for learning from past mistakes!

They couldn’t do this to retail in the past though because a lot of players would come back every expansion. Classic vanilla to classic BC was a complete set of different servers. I wonder if they will continue that trend for Wrath.

My guess is the population on those BC servers is much lower than those on low-pop Retailer servers, and connecting them wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Also, Blizzard took into consideration the time zones of the servers when connected realms started. That may be a factor, too. e.g., not enough players on time-zone compatible servers.

My server isn’t listed and we’re a smaller community. Interesting that they’re not offering xfers off large realms to smaller ones.

Blizzard is in denial about wow dying

Classic realms don’t have CRZ so they need it. Retail realms can be large or small and not be impacted because the superior tech retail has access to solves problems pleb classic realms can’t.

Perma Vanilla Classic servers are CRZ’d. Unless, you’re on the RP-PvP and/or RP servers.

News to me if so. When did they gain that? I knew they had sharding which isn’t the same thing as CRZ but I haven’t touched classic Vanilla and quickly lost any nostalgia kick shortly after hitting 40.

Classic is a game that can be beaten. It has a definite ending.

There’s some charm to that. It’s like an old N64 game, you just boot it up and grind until the end.

Retail does not end and thus cannot be beaten. It lives and dies off of the “FOMO”.

Having played Classic, it was very much what I wanted it to be. A grand old time.

Soon as BC Classic Servers went LIVE.

That was at the beginning, during the Vanilla Classic hype.

I still play it and paid close attention to what they were doing.

Why they decided BC Servers should be consalidated over CRZ is beyond me. Perhaps, they have some secret numbers they’re not ready to share about how Wrath Classic may not pull in enough numbers to keep said servers, around?

The BC Servers are the old Vanilla Classic Servers. They got upgraded to BC. Blizz created a separate server, for perma Vanilla Classic. That explains why we were all guildless, on those servers, when they first started up.

Perhaps, Blizz is (also) preparing for a perma BC Server without the need for CRZ :woman_shrugging: