Help just got back into wow from playing classics!

I had a couple characters on Herod, they show up on classic era servers as unable to play because they’re active on tbc realms, but can’t seem to find them on any realms. Did Herod realm get deleted as well as my character?

There was a realm consolidation and any characters left on Herod were moved to Sulfuras.

Make a note of the caution in that post:
“Please note: Player-characters that are automatically moved during the realm consolidation on August 9 may be unavailable for up to two weeks thereafter.”
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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"The Character Clone service has been retired. All clones that were not activated before July 26, 2022 will be deleted in the next few weeks. Customer Service cannot restore deleted clones.

If you had a WoW Classic character and you never chose to activate it in either WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic, then the Burning Crusade Classic version of your character has automatically been activated and will be available for play."

Ok I was actually looking into that? He’s not on there now, is the transfer gonna take awhile??

Oh wow yeah going back and re-reading the OP it does sound like they’re looking for the Classic Era characters.

If you did not activate your clone in Classic Era by 26 July then the Classic Era version of your character got wiped. RIP and again sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

If you are looking for your TBCC version on your character and that character was on Herod then your realm was nuked. Your characters were relocated to Sulfuras and the Blizz post warns that it could take up to two weeks for your character to be available to play on Sulfuras. Why that long I have no idea. Blizz is smol indie company.

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