Returning player can't find any OLD characters

They should now be on Sulfuras. Try making a new character on that realm to update the realm list.


Just made a new one on that realm. Logged then logged back in and the characters are not showing up.

It looks like your characters are on Kurinnaxx. That is one of the realms that is being consolidated. More information can be found here. This was something that was announced back in June, allowing folks some free character moves off of the realm to prepare. I’m sorry you missed the notification.

When the process is complete, the characters will be on Sulfuras.

The consolidation process is still ongoing. If you did not take advantage of the Free Character Moves that were announced in June, then any characters that remained on a realm that is being consolidated won’t be accessible until that process is complete. This can take up to two weeks, though we hope to have it completed much sooner.



Bummer we missed out but I suppose it’s not the end of the world to make new characters. I really appreciate you responding and the effort you put in.



I just purchased a 1-month sub to play TBC, haven’t played since WoW Classic a couple of years ago. When I log into classic, none of my characters can enter world and it says all my characters are active in TBC. However, when I log into TBC, I can’t find my characters anywhere. Is there an easy fix that I’m not aware of?

Assuming your characters are on the same realm as your posting character, Yoshimori, Herod is one of the realms on the list I linked a couple of posts ago that are being consolidated.

This process is going to take a little bit of time, up to 2 weeks is the estimate, but hopefully not that long. Once complete your characters will be on Sulfuras.


Ah ok my bad, I should have read up a bit. Thanks for the reply.


So it seems lots of people have gotten help on this random thread about someone not able to find their characters, so I’ll give it a shot

I stopped playing in Cata,

I’m looking for my Shaman and Warrior, both Tauren, both on Maelstrom originally, And 85? (or whatever level cap was in Cata) pre-squish Named Arlestion, and Mizzet respectively, (I had a handful of other characters on Maelstrom and I thiiiink steamwheedle cartel? But they were all lower level, those were my only two max level, I think)

I tried making a new character on Maelstrom hoping they were just chilling and no dice.

So jumping in here as another returned player who has some weird stuff going on with characters:

I’m on OCE servers. My druid main is completely gone, this was always called Layorz. Can’t see it on any realms. My deathknight which was always on Frostmourne named Alestra has disappeared. My mage Helenra doesn’t exist anymore. The game showed a character on Gundrak but when I checked there, it was empty and now shows no character. There’s a very low level random mage character on Frostmourne that doesn’t have a current location. I sorta want the missing characters back cause they are just not there. I stopped playing in Cata and had rogue, pally, dk, mage, and druid all at 85, now the druid and mage are gone entirely, and the DK is on the wrong server

It looks like both of those characters are still on Maelstrom, Zantatoes, but on your other WoW license. You appear to have reactivated your WoW#1 account, which seems to have only been used to play Burning Crusade Classic.

The characters you referenced are on your named WoW license on the same account. The majority being on Maelstrom with several lower level characters here and there on Auchindoun, Dunemaul, Kil’jaeden, Moon Guard, Steammwheedle Cartel, and Tichondrius.

Your Druid is on Blackrock, along with your Death knight and Mage. I don’t see any transfer history for those characters on that WoW license, so it does appear they have always been on that realm. You have a few more mid level characters on Frostmourne.

You had a starter Death Knight on Gundrak, but it was deleted some time ago.


Dang it! I was afraid that might be the case, but I thought the other license was used for my newer email.

There isn’t any way to fix that, either, is there?

Either way I appreciate your quick response, and for helping so many people who wind up here from a random Google search, even after all this time :smiley:


The named license is on the same account you are currently posting from. It just doesn’t have any game time. If you go to the Desktop app there should be a drop down just above the play button where you can switch between your WoW#1 license and the named one. You won’t be able to access any of your characters that are above level 20, but you should be able to log into the realm and see them.

We’re not able to merge WoW licenses together. I would say if you had recently reactivated the account to ask for a refund and just add game time to your other WoW license, it looks like it’s been a couple of weeks since you applied it.

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Yeah, I have been playing TBC on the wrong license off and on for a while, thinking it was the same one. I also don’t have the expansions for retail on this license, I got them through my gift inventory on the launcher (I honestly don’t even know what from, they were just there)

So I thought that would mean unfortunately I either have to acquire the expansions and game time on my main account and start over on TBC, or just start over on retail on my TBC license.

I was just hoping there was something that existed for a rare instance like mine, but I am not surprised to hear there is not.

It was totally my mistake, and if I had known beforehand, I could have easily confirmed which license was the right one by logging into retail and checking, even without game time (Just in case someone else winds up here from Google with a similar situation to mine) This issue can easily be prevented, but not solved, unfortunately. :confused:


Hey I haven’t had any success finding my old characters either, was wondering if a helpful blue could point me in the right direction of which server to look on… been since cataclysm

Looks like you have characters on Magtheridon, Scarlet Crusade, and Sisters of Elune.


I’m in the same boat. I have two characters missing after returning from a while. I created new ones on a server to see if they’d repopulate but no luck. Luminous blood elf priest and kestrell blood elf hunter. There was a level 2 luminous Draenei that I’ve never seen before on one of my servers. I had area 52 once and altar of storms is where they used to be. I left the new ones there but I’d like my original ones back :pleading_face:

Not sure if it’s possible to check for me as well. I figured I’d try again as the new stuff looks interesting. I found characters on Hakkar, Chromaggus, and Kirin Tor, but I believe I had 1 or 2 other servers that I played on. If a kind blue would help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Your Blood Elf Priest became a Troll Priest on Khaz’goroth around November 2012 and is now Draenei Priest on Cenarion Circle (which happened April 2014).

Kestrell was transferred between Altar of the Storms, Khaz’goroth, and Area 52 April of 2013, April of 2014 and finally April of 2015 and is now also on Cenarion Circle.

You appear to have characters on Chrommaggus and Hakkar with one other on Kirin Tor.


Can someone check for me please? I have an old character from TBC I had been wanting to pull up but have no idea the server. Thank you.

Check Sulfuras, a majority of the servers merged, and that was the main one they went to.

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