Cross-faction transfers are available?

Title. I play Horde on Grobbulus and I noticed on the weekend that Cross-Faction transfers were oddly working. I don’t know if this is intended, or something that was mistakenly turned on, but I normally cannot create a alliance character on Grobbulus.

HOWEVER, I can make a new Alliance character on a server that has a free transfer available to my destination server, and freely transfer it over. (ex: Ally char on Deviate Delight → Grobbulus) and play them. So in the sea of Undeads, I got 1 cutie patootie draenei.

Not sure if this is a bug, or not. as Klaivax did mention that restrictions would be lifted later on, but I wasn’t sure if it was this week, or in July.:

I just tried to create an ally toon on Grobb and I couldnt. (I have a horde toon on there)

Make a new character on Deviate Delight and use the free transfer option in the shop to go to Grobbulus.

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I imagine since they’re going to remove the restriction, that the loop hole of not restricting the server you transfer to by faction, would have been lifted with the announcement to prevent any roadblocks.

I’d say so, but this is something that

  1. I couldn’t do months ago.
  2. Most people noticed on the weekend and made test characters and here we are.

-Pourrire. On said cutie draenei mage.

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Could you not do it at any time after the announcement that you must GTFO those servers?

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