WoW TBC Classic Realm Consolidation TOMORROW but No Info Yet

Hello, I am a long time player of WoW and am on Heartseeker, a nearly dead realm in TBC Classic. Kaivax, a while ago posted a list that we are going to have most of these servers retired then moved to destination servers, and said he would follow up with which servers they were going to be moved to later. Well, August 9th is tomorrow and we still have received no news of where our characters are going to be transferred to.

Are they going to be consolidated into one realm, to make a decent sized realm? Or are we going to be dumped onto Faerlina, Grobbulus, and Benediction?

Many of us have been waiting for information from you Blizzard in order to know if we should transfer our characters to one of these realms and just bite the bullet, or if we should wait to have our characters automigrated into 1 realm or onto more medium population realms. So far we have had none of the promised follow up, and with the change happening tomorrow, many of us are scrambling to figure what on earth to do with our toons. (also, are large PvP servers that are 1 sided going to get merged to have more even populations? just a side question)

Any information you could give would be INCREDIBLY helpful, especially considering the consolidation is happening tomorrow and there are thousands of us who are wondering what to do.

This is an extremely high priority and time sensitive question, we have mere hours and no information to make an informed choice.

Thank you.


Confidence (which will I’m sure be taken on whatever server I move to)

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Just to temper expectations here, CS is a forum for players to help other players. There are no GMs or Devs here, and our SFAs only operate on what information is passed along to them. There is no guarantee that you will get a response from one of our SFAs, as again, it’s a place for players to help others. And too, to touch on something from your original post in your GD - there has not been a number to call for several years now.

What you can do though, is perhaps send a tweet to @WarcraftDevs. Perhaps they’ll get a response there for you.