Please stop with the changes

What Blizzard’s probably done here is identified a gameplay style that they don’t want to be associated with classic, and removed one of the primary mechanics that supports it. The vast majority of the world they crafted is dedicated to pre-endgame content; this game doesn’t have to end up like retail where leveling is but a means to an end.

That’s going to annoy some people, it’s going to disrupt a gameplay style that some people enjoy, but it will also breathe some life back into the world itself.

But the amount it increases is so inconsequential that it does not matter. You can clear raids without any racials just fine.

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The same players prior WOTLK who were asking for changes and now that #Changes doesn’t benefit them they don’t want to change the game anymore :sweat_smile:

I think buffing some racials in response to others would result in a more balanced and enjoyable game.

Why wait for somebody else to make a group, when I can just build my own? I’m not “at the mercy”, of anyone.

There was a “Yet” following the part of my post you quoted. Nothing has happened at this time however there is a date for an action that many did not expect or request. For those that have not seen the announcement it is here:

In my opinion this proposed action is more destructive to communities than anything Blizz has done or announced to this point. So let’s dispense with the cover story of community when speaking of RDF. Failing to include that feature is a monetary decision to sell their boosts or to avoid hiring someone competent to program it to work as it did in Wrath when introduced.

People like you are the reason this game is going to die in under a year.
Enjoy your purple gears and all your meaningless gold :slight_smile:

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Anyone else read posts like this and hear a whiny voice in their head?

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That’s not good, duder.

Perhaps you should see someone?

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Wrong. It’s going to make more people sit around and get boosted because its a hassle to actually play the game.

People don’t go out of their way to do less efficient things. That’s the whole reason we have rampant boosting now. It’s literally more efficient to go farm ore for an hour or go buy gold for anyone with a job and then pay for a few levels than it is to mindlessly wait around in orgrimmar for the entire night waiting for a low level tank to show up only to have the healer need to leave and restart the process.

You’re never going back to 2004.

I am so tired of this “go play retail” stuff. I don’t like retail. I like WoTLK. I shouldn’t (and can’t) go play retail to get the experience that Wrath delivered.

Right? As if the RDF is the only change retail has to classic… lol

The only changes we are getting are the removal of Wrath features such as Race Changes and RDF.

So yeah, Blizzard should stop trying to change the game and give us Wrath with all its features.

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I never cared about race change and I don’t think it makes a big impact on the gameplay experience. But giving Blizz more things to charge us for can feel like a slippery slope.

Race Changes is necessary, we have new Races added since Vanilla, I refuse to re-roll and pay for a boost. I’d rather level an alt by myself than pay for a boost until Blizzard add Race Changes service.

I think a reason some people don’t want race change is because they want others to lvl an alt instead. Paid boosts suck, but at least you’re only allowed one per account. I find it silly you’re willing to pay for a race change but not a paid boost.

Ive already paid my tax in Classic and re-rolled, dont wanna do it again in Wrath. If the concern is what you said then just make one Race Change available per account, its way less harmful than a lvl 68 boost. Some of us have unobtainable items that we have been collecting throughout Classic and TBC.

Sounds cool. Go find that game and play it. The people that want to play wotlk classic want to play the version of wotlk as it was
Nit the lame version you just described. We want it AS IT WAS. Take your game changing features elsewhere.

This is exactly what i used the boost for in tbc. I wanted to switch from human war to gnome warrior. But the weird players that have no idea who i am and never will, felt that it would break thier immersion if i was able to race change. So instead i just bought the boost. Same result. Except i was able to get a cool mount with it. They didnt like that i was able to boost and not level like they had to. Totally ignoring the leveling i did on the other charachter. None of their arguments make sense. Each one is countered hard. But they somehow still get listened to.

Unless they plan to change/revert things it look like that YOU should be the one who should “find that game and play it”