Another reset

So here we are August 9th
As of right now no info whatsoever on when fresh servers will be released and no info on the prepatch.
Maybe something will be posted about it this week I hope otherwise,what the hell blizzard.


Another player astonished by blizzards lack of communication. Heres a tip they announced where the servers were going that got consolidated today.

I wouldnt expect an announcement of pre patchs release date weeks in advance. Its on the PTR when the PTR shuts down that is the 1 week notice.

There u go no need to make another post about this next week when blizz stays silent.

I’m not astonished that’s a overreaction on your part I’m just stating that we still don’t have any information which is ridiculous.

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Are you new to the forum?

People had no idea where their characters that remained on servers closed in TBCC were moving until the transfer was under way TODAY.

Blizz has had a communication breakdown going for a very long time. Roll with it because posting here isn’t going to change that. I mean if you feel you need to vent go off I guess.

Maybe have a Snickers.

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Yes I’m new to the forums that’s actually the first post I’ve ever made :clown_face:

No over reaction at all i never come to these forums and make posts about RDF or announce prepatch already or ban gdkps or another reset with no prepatch annoucement.

I know prepatch will happen when blizz decides to do so. Rdf dont care really most likely they will cave to the masses eventually like they did with horde vs horde bgs.

So no im not over reacting if you would have read the 100 other prepatch topics my reply is exactly like most u even got the same response already.

Sorry to say, but pre-patch is likely 2-4 weeks out still…

I can explain why:

  1. They have to announce end of PVP season at least 1 week in advance and they haven’t
  2. There has to be a PVP off-season where people can spend their arena points
  3. They are doing server mergers and some characters are unplayable for the next 1-2 weeks
  4. The game is simply not ready for pre-patch. There are too many bugs.

Late August is my guess. To time against Buried Memories, the next content patch for FFXIV.

They always do this.

I really want the fresh servers sooner than that so players can start leveling and enjoying the experience without feeling rushed to get to 70 before Northrend opens.

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I would assume we’ll have a 4 week prepatch as people complained so much about the two weeks for tbc. But you know about assuming, makes an a$$ out of you and me and all that.

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They’ll be released when pre-patch is released, which will be at least 2 weeks prior to WotLK launch.

This is not “no info whatsoever.”

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Whining hyperbole gets more attention.

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Is what lead to the literal meaning of literal literally being figurative. :woman_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


is there enough playerbase to support existing servers AND additional fresh ones?

*looks at … Nope.

you want fresh server? scroll to the bottom of the list. pick any, they’re all fresh, untouched and ready for you.

The ones at the bottom of the list are now closed and the players on them moved to other servers.