Paid Boost Issue on WOW Classic

Hello, I have been having an issue and need assistance on if it is possible to resolve.

I purchased the Northrend Upgrade to use a boost and play with my friends that are returning to wow classic WOTLK. When classic came out I had characters made on Whitemane US West. I haven’t been on in a while and only got my characters to the 40’s in TBC. I quit playing due to life issues that needed to get taken care of but was excited to return now that those things are resolved.

Once I purchased the upgrade to obtain the boost, I logged in and found all my characters. I had to do a name change due to inactivity and used the boost on my Paladin. Later my friends were getting on and asked to do some raids and come to find out I couldn’t play with them because all my characters were moved to Sulfuras US East. I told my friends and they said it was done to all people who were inactive. I didn’t know this, let alone checked what server my characters were on when I logged in because I only played on Whitemane and saw them all I thought it was still the same server.

Is there anyway the boost I used can be redone? The reason why I’m asking is because per the rules of transferring in classic, you can not transfer cross region, let alone Whitemane is not taking transfers and I would love to play with friends and family asap instead of starting over and trying to get caught up with everyone which will take a lot of time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

youd have to pop in a ticket and ask for a refund more than likely.

I put a ticket in and it’s been 3 weeks of going in circles. Mainly about transfers and not the actual issue.

That usually means they arnt sure what your actually asking. Always best to keep it simple.

If youve been playing the character tho and playing through the content, refunds are time sensitive so it might not allow you to get one now. Blizz is generally hands off when it comes to boosts but they can sometimes refund the transaction which locks the character. They cant just revert the boost alone.

Either way only way to deal with it is via tickets, theres no GM staff on the forums

Your friends told you wrong, I’m afraid. Just to clarify - if they were moved, they were on a realm that was deleted to try and consolidate some of the lower population servers. Your characters would not have been moved from a server that was remaining. They did not just up and move characters willy nilly, only those from certain servers that were slated for deletion. Active or inactive, if they were on Whitemane, they would not have been touched by Blizzard. Also the names would have needed to be renamed only because someone already had the name when the transfer happened.

Now, as for fixing the issue - there are no GMs here on this forum. Only through tickets can your issue be resolved. While you may see Blues around here, they are SFAs, they have nothing to do with tickets and all of that. The unfortunate truth is that GMs are really backlogged in tickets, so that only makes it that much harder to get your issue fixed.

With it being over three weeks now, I believe you’re outside of the window that the self-service refund will work. It is just a matter of going through the tickets. I’m not sure what path you used to submit your ticket, but I would file one under purchase failure if that isn’t how you did your currently active one. Reference your other ticket #, but like Wolfess said, keep it direct and to the point. Too much story and rambling muddies the ticket and invites misunderstanding.

I do wish you well in getting this situated.


Appreciate it. I understand what you are saying about the characters being moved and I never played on any other server but Whitemane and wouldn’t transfer 6 characters cross realm let alone can’t. Thanks for the advice on everything. I’ll try and do another ticket.

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