Can i not use my chars from burning crusade in cata?

Are those chars gone permanently because i didnt play wrath? Are Wrath players able to use their chars in Cata or is everyone starting fresh?

You should be able to play them. Which server?

i was on rattlegore

There was a server consolidation at some point, and if you weren’t active during that time to take free transfer, I think your toons would have been moved over to Sulfuras at that time:

And then more recently, there’s another consolidation on the way, so if you do have those toons from Rattlegore on Sulfuras, you can move them for free to one of the destination realms:

Of note, these are all very imbalanced PVP servers. Faerlina is almost completely Horde, Benediction is almost completely Alliance and Whitemane is almost completely Horde. Whitemane’s realm time is Pacific, while Faerlina and Benediction are Eastern.

One of the Game Producers made note in a tweet that he and the team had at least thought of the idea of somehow merging Faerlina and Benediction, though there’s no official news about this…

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wow thank you for the detailed reply.

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