Blizzard needs to change the Free Transfer targets before consolidation

So the Consolidation Post says:

The list of free transfers is here:

Removed Servers:

  • Anathema
  • Bigglesworth
  • Fairbanks
  • Herod
  • Netherwind
  • Thunderfury

US Servers:

  • Earthfury (US-E PVP) : 214 (83% H)
  • Grobbulus (US-W PVP) : 19717 (50% even)
  • Sulfuras (US-E PVP) : 3425 (99% Horde)

Oceanic Servers:

  • Arugal (Oceanic): 9462 (36% A, 63% H)
  • Yojamba (Oceanic) : 5431 (40% A, 60% H)

Given that of the 22 servers being closed, only Felstriker is Oceanic, that leaves 21 server’s accounts to spread between 3 US PVP servers.

I’m totally surprised this isn’t in the list to close. Significantly less players than Old Blanchy, the next worst server, and ridiculously less active than Sulfuras, the next worst PVP server. Yet it’s a target for all these dead servers.

A huge server that is already overpopulated, but evenly balanced between Horde and Alliance. Does Blizzard not think that forcibly moving more characters here will present a problem? Also, it’s the only US West PVP server, so unless people are happy with higher pings, all the west server accounts are going to shift here.

A Horde Only PVP server, and given Earthfury, the ‘only’ US-East server.

Unless Blizzard adds more transfer targets now, not “in coming weeks”, this is going to destroy multiple player experiences, both on the existing servers and for those hoping to leave their old server to somewhere better.

Blizzard needs to:

  • Remove Grobbulus from the targets. It’s already too big but well balanced.
  • Add Pagle and Whitemane, to provide more viable targets for PVP servers.
  • Add Normal servers such as Atiesh, Mankrik and Westfall, to provide options for those who just want to PVE and got caught up in the “PVP is better PVE” meta nonsense.

How are you going to say Grobb needs to be removed from the list for being too big and say Mankrik should be added? That logic just seems off imo.


The people who want to move to PVP servers, say they do it because they want ‘better players’. Only the large PVE servers would provide a viable alternative because the small ones will be ignored by people stuck in the “PVP is better PVE” nonsense.

I never did understand why the destination realms were so limited… pvp only servers, even though you’ve always been able to transfer from pvp to pve.

I suspect it’s to limit the “I moved to PVE, but I don’t like it so I want to go back to PVP” issues. If you pay for it, clearly you’ve made a firm decision.

Arugal and Yojamba are both PvP servers

Felstriker should never have been made, the server was made when Blizzard saw more Oceanic players than expected at the start of Classic so they, in a panic made Felstriker and Yojamba. Honestly Yojamba shouldn’t have been made either but I guess it did quell the server queues that occured the first few months of Classic.

I honestly don’t know why both of the servers are a choice, sure OCE doesn’t have that many servers but I think that one or the other is completely fine. Arugal is the most populated server on OCE so I’d understand why they’d send them there but Yojamba is slightly more balanced. In the end I think it ultimitly doesn’t matter, the number of players that says that’s on Felstriker is ~5 which obviously isn’t enough for raiding so they’re PvP’ers which I can assume that they just don’t care what server they end up in.

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Every server above is PVP (except where I made suggestions to include PVE transfers).

Because there are only 2 other PVP servers in Oceanic and they wanted to give a “choice”. And Remulos being the only PVE wasn’t on the list.

I know.

You’re probably correct, but it still seems a bit odd to not allow the option. Oh, wait. This is Blizzard, they don’t really like providing too many options.

100% agree, wth are they smoking?


Blizzard Fix the PVP Servers and enable the migration for PVE players to be able to go to their respective PVE realms (from PVP to PVE), because this situation of PVP servers makes no sense, given that they are servers that since their creation there were meant to be both factions and lots of PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER content.

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You want Pagle (not PVP fyi) and Mankrik added as destinations but not much smaller realms like mine???

“Windseeker is decently populated right now”
-Are you on something? Realms like mine are on life support, barely alive, desperate for more people to come in before it’s too late. You however want to send them to realms that already have far more people and don’t need more. I’m glad you’re not in charge of this.

“these people don’t want to go to medium servers, they want to join the megaservers.”
-And allowing that is why all the realm populations are screwed up. You would feed the narcissists when we need to do the opposite of that.


Yes, that’s the point. Provide free PVP to PVE transfers for people who want to PVE and got caught up in the “PVP is better PVE” nonsense.

No, because making every server a megaserver is bad. Windseeker is decently populated right now, larger than TBC servers were back then. And these people don’t want to go to medium servers, they want to join the megaservers.

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Still relevant. Surprised they havent done this yet. Made all the other changes (50 toons/server, no pvp faction restrictions, pve to pvp transfers)

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Earthfury is an interesting case, at time of consolidation they noticed it was dead and it was on the chopping block for a minute. But then they realized, oops we didn’t have it on the list, better keep it open. Because you can’t just nuke a server without any notice.

But yeah, alliance died nearly a year ago and then horde left five months ago.
Blizz takes 6+ months to react to anything regarding servers.

all i want to do is play the characters i put time into and not have to restart completely because i cant afford a character(s) transfer

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Ah, well EF did have free transfers up recently.

The consolidation mess seems to have ruined that as well. :confused:

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Exactly, Pagle is overpopulated as is and constantly full. Why that is even up there I do not know.

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