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This Saturday were going to do some mog/mount/pet runs! We plan to start at 7pm EST. You can bring a guilded toon or an unguilded toon. Just at least be in discord with us. Be there or be square! :panda_face:

Still looking!

Still in search for more awesome people!

Looking to come back from a small break and looking for a chill place to call home to finish SL and go into Dragon land. Ive always played a DPS like a warrior/hunter but want to try my hand at healing. I cant promise Ill be any good at it, I cant promise I wont cause wipes but I can promise a consistent raider/pvper who shows up and always has a great attitude :slight_smile: if thats something your looking for let me know and I can reroll tomorrow after work!

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We’d love to have you! Whether you’re playing a new healer or a warrior/hunter! Add me on discord & I’ll send you a disc invite! FluffyPanda#6738 :heart: Have a great rest of your night!

I almost added you… then realized you blocked me a few months ago :confused:

Sorry! No clue who you are tho?? I do not recognize your toons name. Way to go with all the pvp stuff, very impressive!

Maybe Kita will ring a bell

I don’t have anyone named Kita on my blocked list. However, I did just remove 2 people who I don’t remember the reason I blocked them? One started with a K & the other started with an M. Anyway, I’m sorry. IDK why I did that? I’ve been having some icky life experiences lately. But, of course that doesn’t excuse the fact that I blocked you & don’t remember why. Anyway, for what it’s worth I apologize.

Still looking for more! Lower levels & max levels are welcome, as some of us are still leveling & the rest of us are looking to get started on KSM! Hit me up if interested! :slight_smile:

Looking for more dps specced folks. Specifically looking for warlocks, mages, warriors, dhs & dks. Pretty full already on healers. If you want to play a healer in our guild, I kindly suggest you make something that is versitile & that you can play a dps spec if we’re already full on healers or tanks. Thanks for understanding! :heart:

Just looked at our roster. No longer full on monks. Now we’re pretty full on druids & paladins. Looking for more healers & tanks & of course dps. Looking for anything & everything. We have some fun events planned for the next few weekends & I’m going to start a guild lotto soon too! Please msg me on discord if interested! :heart:

Just thought I’d post an update that our raid days changed due to one of our raid leaders getting a new job. We are TENTATIVELY going to raid on Wed/Thurs evening. Not sure when exactly, it’s still up in the air at this point, I’ll update as soon as I’m more sure! We lost some members bc they thought (and we thought) we were going to raid on the weekends. So now we need a few more healers, tanks and of course dps. Anything & everything is welcome!

Looking for more people who want to raid CASUALLY, we will probably only do normal raiding. Also looking for people who are either new or coming back after a long break… who want to level new toons with other guildies, we have many people in our guild who are leveling new toons in the guild or are completely new to WoW. Anyone can join, just as long as your 18 or older & LGBTQ friendly :slight_smile: DM me if interested!

This is what our raid team consists of currently:

DPS team is 2 hunters, a dk, and a balance druid.
Healers are a hpally and a resto shaman.
Tanks are a BM monk and either a prot warrior or a bear druid…

So looking for either a vengence dh, blood dk, prot pally and for healers either a resto druid, mistweaver monk or holy/disc priest… and anything for dps!

Our new raid times are going to be 7-10pm EST! Raid days still tentatively Wed/Thurs!

Still looking for more! :slight_smile:

Great welcoming and fun social guild, people are always chatting in discord and willing to help!

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Bump for good people!

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