Having Problems with Call of Duty? Read this first!

Hey everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to look this post over. In order to help players get help with their specific issue as quickly as possible, I wanted to talk some about the scope of support that we at Blizzard have for Call of Duty.

Blizzard doesn’t make any of the Activision games that we host on our application. We’re more than happy to help with any issues with Installation and Patching or problems with purchases of the game itself. You can post on these forums or contact our support team for help with these problems.

Once the game is installed successfully, however, we don’t have any special insight into what might cause technical issues. You want to contact Activision for help with any connection problems, crashes, voice chat issues, suggestions, etc. After all, any issue you bring up could be anything from an easy to fix issue to a game client bug that they need you to report. Activision support will have better ideas for what may cause problems with their game client, so ensure that you’re directing this type of tech issue to Activision so you can get your answer more quickly. In general, if you can click “Play” on the Battle.net application and the game tries to launch, that’s the end of where we can help you - since the game data is on your PC at that point.

Please be advised that any problems that we at Blizzard can’t help with will be locked and redirected to Activision if posted on these forums. This is done to ensure that we’re working on issues that we can actually help with.

Best of luck with your issues, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

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