[H/A] [Area-52] <Suspended Degeneracy> LF Mage CE Focus 9/9H 7/9M T/W 9:15PM-12:15 EST

Hello all!

Suspended Degeneracy is a group veteran players looking for more members to create a stable 25 man team for progression. We have a semi-hardcore/midcore mentality. We want you to play what you want, even if it’s not meta. It’s more important that you enjoy playing the game. We’re primarily focused on pushing Mythic progression, trying for CE and M+ we’re currently 9/9H and 7/9M! We generally are more focused on getting people we get along with than meta classes, so please don’t be afraid to reach out if your class isn’t in the below lists!

As of now we are requiring that players will join the guild after a maximum of a 2 week trial, which means willingness to transfer to the server is a requirement. Alliance players welcome.

Our expectations:

  • Discord is required for raiding. Please participate in raid comms.
  • Come to raid fully prepared. Know your class, have all pots/flasks/gems, enchants, etc. and research fights.
  • Raiders are expected to complete 4 keystones weekly. You should aim to do the highest possible keystone you can for the best rewards possible.
  • Communication is key Communicate if you will be absent. If you know or are unsure that you’ll make it to raid please post in the discord tab “attendance”. We understand that life happens, however, if attendance becomes an issue we leave it up to our raid lead to decide if someone needs to be removed from the team or not.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism. We will not yell or berate a team member for mistakes, but we will address issues as needed.
  • Be polite. When pugging, talking in trade chat, etc you are representing our guild. We don’t tolerate racism, homophobia, or bullying of any kind.
  • No politics in Guild chat or discord.
  • Please no drama. If you have any concerns please address them to an officer.
  • While we are willing to provide Potions, Repairs, and Vantas Runes for progression bosses, you will be expected to bring flasks and be fully enchanted.
  • Players must know their class and spec
  • ilvl 425 minimum for a raid invite to heroic!
  • We ask players maintain a 90% attendance however we are very lenient if communication happens
  • We run a Loot Council for Tier, Trinkets and generally rare high value items

Raid Days:
Tues/Wed 9:15 PM - 12:15 AM EST

What We’re Looking For:
M+ focused tanks with DPS off specs for raid.
Tank | Priority
Any Exceptional Tanks willing to be on the bench that run M+ regularly

DPS | Priority:
Any Exceptional DPS
Warlock | Medium
Warrior | Medium
Mage | HIGH

Heals | Priority:
Any | Medium
(currently considering any exceptional healers for a main roster spot)
Any Exceptional healers willing to be on the bench

We are also recruiting for bench players of any kind. Bench players will be welcome to join us in heroic and we will swap players in and out when someone does not need loot from Mythic bosses that are on farm.

Please apply at: h ttps://forms.gle/DTGsA3PUtZiA1Jcy8
If you’re interested in a progression guild with a tight nit social core, please contact my recruitment officer on Discord at deathlorrd or myself at heru and we can discuss further. Thank you.

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What does the fox say?

It says LF TANK AND DPS!!!

Still needing DPS

Still needing DPS and some heals. Of course we’ll always take people that want to do M+!

Still looking!

Got 5/8 down last night. Hoping for 6/8 minimum tonight! Still looking for DPS and heals!

7/8 now & got to phase 2 on Raz!

Got to Phase 2 on Raz on Wednesday, looking to fill our roster to start progressing Mythic!

No one likes my jokes :frowning: Join if you like Dad jokes

We all like your jokes Snow. You just make us laugh so hard our mics fail to pick it up.

I’m tired of this grandpa

Too bad, keep recruiting!

Meowdy Partner

Meowdy indeed.

Say Something(AOTC BTW)

Boom! We did it

Proud of the whole team!

bump to the front!

Does anyone else feel the love in the air?