Consolidation of spy addon threads

Here is a pretty good list of all the spy addon threads, 51 threads. Can we get a response from blizzard, clearly there is an outcry:
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Ban spy addon, cleary unfair addon!


Ban spy! It is against the spirit of classic. As a vanilla player with many world firsts, I am horrified that this addon is allowed in game!


I’m all for banning the spy addon, only got it myself cause I wanted a addon to keep a KoS list, then noticed that even when someone wasn’t doing anything (Flying by, running by mounted…possibly sitting afk), they’d pop up on the spy addon, so people saying it’s just reading the combat log isn’t even an argument, cause they don’t have to do anything to pop up, I don’t even pvp much on my horde rogue, but it’s rather annoying when you just try to stealth by some alliance and you see humans dismount, pop their stealth detection, then mount up and run around looking, or just rez and stealth just for every mage within like 40 yards start spamming AoEs…obviously since I’m horde it’s not a BIG problem or anything, but it is rather annoying, and I’m sure even allies are annoyed with it.

(PS. Not posting on my classic toon because I’ve yet to figure out how to switch to them, I go to switch characters, but only my live toons pop up, if someone could help with that, it’d be much appreciated) =)


How about a compilation of faction imbalance threads… I bet there’s more… Bliz should do something about that first since there’s more threads, right?

Thank you for compiling this. It is indeed a serious issue. Having to play the game and your class around an add-on is not something I believe ethical or healthy to the community and game. A huge portion of the classic community are very concerned.

Any Blizzard rep if you’re out there reading, please… please let our concerns be known and any response at all would be so deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

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Been around forever and yall wanna whine about it now. yall must be awful at pvp.

A bunch of crybabies robbed us of a useful addon using lies. It couldn’t tell you where a stealthed player was. Do you stealth, and sit there??? I have used it as a rogue or feral. it never had anyone know where i was. You are bad if it did. It had zero effect on my rogue game play. I didn’t use it for that. I used it to save names of high level losers who like to gank low level players. I could return the favor when I level, or call for help. It broke no rues of the game, it only melted little snowflake rogue hearts who are not good enough to play around an addon that does not effect a player who moves around. I also do not go looking for a rogue dumb enough to stealth to just stand there doing nothing long enough to go waste my time with them. This is typical of this whole country today. A couple cry babies make stuff up to sound horrible, when it is just them not knowing how to play. Why did spy never get me killed as a rogue? Why was every single one of my attacks still a surprise? Because I moves around like a normal person would…If you are that close to a gang of people who can pop you out of stealth, you were dying soon anyway. You couldn’t kill them, so why be there? Of all classes to whine, this takes the cake for me. You get to be invisible, and think something saying where you stealth matters. I am so far from that spot in seconds. I am on a mission moving, not hiding in corners like a cuck. It did way more than anything cried about. I would be fine to remove the stealth part, to keep my rolodex of enemies I saved for years. The whole thing didn’t need to be ruined to make invisible rogues not be afraid. Such weaklings. I hope you catch a nice nerf soon because of wimps complaining on you like you did to harmless spy. It is only harmful to a terrible player who stealths to sit doing nothing, an still nobody would even look. I wouldn’t expect somebody to be that bored to sit stealthed just watching people play without moving on to play. The game is barely playable from real problems, and they are worried about this? I can’t do dungeons on my server without spending hours trying to find make a group people don’t leave waiting for a tank, and refuse to quest to 60. Most just get ganked my high level players, or just get bored. This is what spy was for. Maybe I could quest in a level 35 area, and get a warning when a 60 is creeping around me. You leave out how it helped people, and ban it over something that was not happening, or only to rare bad players. You ignore very great function it had for one stupid one nobody card about beside the ones imagining it is why they are losing. They lose being bad, not from spy. It ever got me killed. I saved my life low level many times. I wil return the favor. You rogues will be nerfed everytime you get OP, or something melting snowflakes. I will gt all the crybabies like you on the forums to get you the same thing you just did to all of us using this addon for legitimate reasons you didn’t care about. You made a lot of enemies with this, and I am going to take it out on every weak little rogue I see. My name was pally sniper, because I was not allowed to make a pally. I decided to kill them if I can’t join them. My shaman can take over killing pallies. My new target is deleting rogues all day with no spy addon. I never needed it, and never will for you sneaky coward class. I am going to wait for you to open on people, and bow you right up. You can try on me too. I havn’t had a rogue kill me yet. I can’t have spy, so I will twink to the max set specifically to give you rogues something to cry about. I will do the same if I ever have a way to hit 60 without questing the whole way. You are all going to find out that spy was no your problem. The problem was you. I knew that people could see where you stealth without spy! it was in the logs. I don’t sit there like a sitting duck. I am always moving. You people straight lie that it tells you where somebody is. Nobody stays in the same spot, or goes over to that spot expecting a brain dead person to just be sitting there doing nothing. You deserve to ddie sitting in enemy territory not even playing, or hiding in a goldshire bedroom to peep on RP’rs LOL. That is the only time you would be just sitting there for no reason. Why is it that this addon has been perfectly fine since before most of you were born, but all of a sudden you people can’t handle it? It is because you don’t even know how it works, or what it can even do. You just know you are a bad stealthy getting piked off, and want to blame anything beside your own failure to move around to safe places. If you know people can tell where you stealthed, then move! Is that rocket science? You should be doing that anyway. Your failure has cost many something they had many uses for. Forgive me making the green grass grow with rogues blood to vent my frustrations. Today is a day of death for level 30ish rogues and beyond. You will wish I had spy, and on pallies again. When you take away from me, I take it back in blood, and honor. I am sure others may feel the same, and have a bone to pick with whining people who make up problems that did not exist. They could have removed the stealth part to prove you guys just suck, and left he rest alone. Really they should have ignored you. Nobody complained for over a decade, but millennial are a new breed. This game may not be made for you if spy was enough to get you killed. Go play android. You get autoquest, and a mount. You only have about 5 buttons to hit, and te game are built so good that addons are not even needed. Wow just leaves it up to players to improve the UI that is older than the players. A lot of it should be fixed with the times, and part of the original game. Simple stuff like elvui. The game UI should be good without addons. I can’t play with the stock UI, I don’t use a keyboard like most. I shape my buttons to the shape of my hand size keyboard, not a long panel. I wrote an email to an android game about the UI being movable for people playing on a 55 inch TV like me. They fixed it fast. Blizzard would make me have to make UI myself, or find one made by some player. That is not optimal at all, but do not take stuff away after decades when a couple people cry about it. You also could have fixed the part they were worried about, and left the rest of it alone. I want my list of enemies back. Now I have a black square of nothing.