Spy Classic Addon needs to go


Blizzard, this addon needs to go.

Completely breaks World PvP and the true Classic experience, and will support the whole “mafia” nonsense in Ungoro.

The addon scans the combat log for actions performed by enemy players. If an enemy player is detected the addon will attempt to determine their class, race and level based on the ability that was used. The addon will then sound an alert and add the enemy player to its list.

Spy can be configured to announce enemy player encounters to a chat channel and can also be configured to share data with other Spy users in your party, raid or guild. This allows a group of players to share information and determine the location of enemy players over a vast area.

Ehhhhh? :\


Yeah, that’s a horrible addon…


Sounds like something that we all will wish didn’t exist, but won’t quite make the cut for being broken.


That is a big yikes from me. I had never heard of this before, completely ruins WPvP.


you can do the same thing without addons. undock the combat log, make some macros “/p saw a class just now”. the addon just makes it easier. yes, that’s all addons.


how to break this addon without ruining other addons that use similar in-game methods?


yeah but let’s be honest, who does that? nobody… this is just something you can leave sitting in the background and it alerts you whenever someone is nearby and not in your vision, giving you a major heads up that you might encounter some PvP.

It’s completely game breaking.


How? I always played with combat log open instead of chat in vanilla. This addon does nothing that I wasn’t already doing.


So you’re telling me when you’re fighting mobs, you’re constantly looking at your combat log at the same time? I highly doubt it.

This addon eliminates the need to worry about combat log, and literally alerts you with sounds and visuals when enemy players are nearby.

I’m just going to assume that you use this addon and don’t want it banned tbh.


It’s been around for a LONG time. Yes it sucks but how do you break something that is simply using the log?


Yes, I was back then. Why is that hard to believe? I was a pvper through and through back then.

I’ll just assume you’re a salty rogue who got upset that someone saw him coming then, I guess.


Something similar to this was inVanilla. I don’t remember the name, but it was a ganking Warner that would alert you of enemy players doing stuff.

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Oh boy…it’s a big Yikes, never knew this kind of addon exists too


AFAIK similar addons have existed and been used in Retail for a long time.


I don’t know what the quoted poster is doing but in a lot of PvP games without such addons, players will separate out a combat log frame and move it elsewhere on screen so they can see in red text the enemy player actions while also being able to view their regular chat log.

Edit: Here’s an old low res pic from Aion showing what I mean. Just found in a random internet search so not mine.



It has been a core function of Carbonite for a long time, too.

It doesn’t bother me. I think of it as an additional aspect of the game. When you see that blink red and the chat tells you an enemy is nearby, it doesn’t tell you WHERE they are just that they’re near. It adds a level of excitement that is just as fun as the surprise.

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Hmm…might give it a try then


Talking about Carbonite, not sure about the addon in the op.


ooooo i remember using it back in BC. I’ll redownload it thanks.

You can even set KOS targets if I remember well


Sooo gankers boutta get ganked?