I'll stop using Spy if

you stop using spy. k?

I’ll stop using spy if a blind man witnesses a legless man kick a ball for the armless man to catch.


Blizz needs to break this add-on. It’s the only way to stop it and it’s pretty lame seeing as it diminishes certain class abilities like hunter tracking and also just diminishes the value of one’s situational awareness.


What I find hilarious with all these SPY posts is that it probably raised the awareness of the app to thousands of additional users. I for one was not aware it existed until I see those posts and so I gave it a try… Man do I love this. Especially when doing something like fishing.

You can bet I’m not the only one who learned about it from here :slight_smile:


But I don’t use spy. I don’t mind if you use it, though, so keep on keepin on.


It doesn’t. It actually enhances tracking. You can keep a tracking on for something else, like herbs/ore/etc, then when spy goes off switch to humanoid and know exactly where they are.

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Over 900 upvotes Against Spy here!

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Lol. Gonna link tumblr next?


Laugh all you want, its a pretty good sample.

Np! I never installed it, and don’t plan on installing it.

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No thanks. Each time they break an addon, they remove API options from the table. If they suddenly decided to block our ability to read combat logs, that’s gg for a lot of popular addons.

Sample size is good. But when you sample from a biased population, it’s only valid for that population.

same could be said for here, I would say there prob are more people on reddit than here.

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Why is everyone asking for #changes? Then I want Hunter scaling fixed.

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They unnecessarily broke the LFG mod, but won’t break a mod that would improve PVP. This is the problem with cherry picking your personal choices.



She said it best here.

If you stopped using Spy, you’d just use one of the other detection addons.

I’m testing my own Spy-like addon right now, but I don’t know if I’ll ever really complete it. It lacks features that Spy has at the moment, but it seems to detect targets better and has additional features that Spy doesn’t have. I’ll need to add more features found in Spy and form additional detection methods that I don’t think Spy has yet. Then if I can even get through all of that I’ll need to optimize it. I’ve been distracted doing things like making it alert me to friends and guildies in the friendly target list or doing Classic WoW stuff. Stupid fun! Getting in the way!

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Spy is AWESOME everyone download it today.

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If you can’t beat em, join em.

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