Spy addon is great!

I do not agree that Spy needs to be removed.

I think this addon is very useful, and it doesn’t do anything that you couldn’t already do with a detached Combat Log window (let’s be honest, the best players used to do this back in the day).

My favorite part is being able to add people to a KOS List, and then set a custom reason for why they’re on my KOS list. When you run into them again, it’s fun remembering why you need to exact revenge upon them :wink:

It’s highly unlikely this addon will be changed since it works entirely off the combat log, but good luck I guess.


KoS is the only reason i use mine

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  1. you would NEVER ever sit there looking at combat log stealth window man

  2. Im not even a rogue and its legit broken

  3. It use to be part of the game to gater intel the old fashioned way liek shout out, use chat, communicate etc, the whole point of the game, to find people you hate.


@OP Agreed. Not sure why people have issues with Spy.

One could argue that it’s not fair to have enemy castbar addons since it lets me kick casters easier. These addons do the same thing by reading the combat log.


that too is true.

I enjoyed using it in vanilla and throughout WoW over the years.

It’s still a great add-on!

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Why not? Pretty sure you can play with the colors of different events. No different than watching chat for boss emotes, or communication from those who don’t use discord.

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You make this comment because you don’t know how to use the combat log. I have my combat log open, with various filters, AND I use Spy.

If you had come from games like DAoC or EQ you might think it more common to monitor your combat log.

The game broadcast what other players are doing through the combat log, including stealth activations. This is not anything new.

If you are in range, and another player performs an action then 99% of the time you will be notified about it via the combat log, regardless of LoS.

Actions like Feign Death are NOT broadcast as a combat log message, but Stealth IS. This should inform you that it is intentional. Just like broadcasting a Paladin has gained a bubble is intentional.

It is OK to want the game to be changed and stop messages from being sent out through the combat log, you just need to advocate for Classic+.

But to argue against Spy is to argue for a worse interface. Most of what Spy does is a better interface for what the basic game already does. Exactly what AddOns are intended to do.

very well explained!

These addons do the same thing by reading the combat log.

That’s an automation process which is a nono for add ons.

100% needs to stay because #NoChanges and it was in vanilla

Spy addon or not…

I personally have always thought a perma-invis ability was super OP. For all of the “flying skips content” talk … not sure how perma-invis through zones, dungeons, etc. somehow doesn’t count for the devs in that argument.

That being said - we are where we are. Way too late to change this now.

The addon sounds like it breaks a key “feature” of the class.


YES! Another thread on this topic! My day is now complete.

Spy addon is garbage and should be a bannable offense. Legit ruining Classic Experience.

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Enemy cast bars is not automating anything, it is purely informational (same as spy).

Automation would be an addon that casts spells for you, or breaks the 1 click - 1 action rule.

Arguably the LFG addon would be automation as well since it would join you to a group automatically.

Most addons are purely informational which is NOT automation.

Lets create a mod that takes away all sense of hyper awareness skill. It’s like people just look for ways to make this stuff easier and it’s sad. Learn how to play the game people who use Spy addons are usually trash players who can’t climb over 1500 MMR in arena. Use Spy addon if your garbage that’s what garbage players do. :slight_smile:

Spy legit destroys Night elves and 2 classes. Remove it.


Instead of constantly typing /who yourself, it does it for you by skimming players in proximity to locations then warning you when enemies are close by.

I feel it goes beyond an innocent informational addon.

I’m not gonna say whether I agree with your conclusion on Spy or not, but your point about the best players staring at combat logs back in the day is not correct. Monitors were smaller and screen space was way more valuable to have a useless combat log to stare at just in case you could see a rogue use stealth so you didn’t get surprised.

Instead, the best players just either knew how to deal with a Rogue coming at them out of stealth or just let it go.

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