Reasons spy addon needs to be broken immediately

  1. Using it gives stealthed players coordinates. This can be used with TomTom to mark your mini map of the stealthed players last known location.

  2. Warlocks/hunters are able to target a stealthed player, and without the stealthed player being visible send in their pet to attack.

  3. Using player interation, you can target a stealthed player and auto run to their last known location.

  4. The addon does not only simply parse combat logs to detect players, but also detects changes to player auras, this is indicated by some of the api calls the addon uses. This makes actions done while stealthed such as applying poison give away your position.

This addon breaks pvp for rogues/feral druids, and is quickly gaining in popularity especially over the past few days. Action needs to be taken quickly


yes please fix this. absolutely absurd you allow this cheating addon, but you dont allow us to world pvp in towns (glitchy 50 guards spawning from thin air)

It gives location based on Poison Application?

I’ve seen it go off when they use stealth, or my character gets close enough to reveal them, but so far have yet to encounter Poison Application notification.


use logic blizzards twitch streamers use it all of them do its got going any where.

Not it doesnt.

It gives the coordinates of the player who spotted them. It doesn’t have access to the coordinates of enemy players (no part of the API does). Stop lyhing.

No they cant. You cant /target anything that isnt visible.

No they cant. This only works if they had targeted the player and sent the pet to attack BEFORE they entered stealth. Its a spell batching issue, not an issue with a mod.

Quit lying.

No you cant. You can’t target anything that isn’t visible. Again, this would only work if you /targeted them before they went invisible/entered stealth, and you’d stop running after the next spell batching update.

Quit lying.

No, it doesn’t, since the API doesn’t have access to actions done while stealthed/invisible.

Quit lying.

This Add-on has existed (in its current form) for 10 years (and earlier versions of it existed all the way back to Vanilla launch +4 months), and somehow only NOW its breaking PvP for rogues and druids? Get real.

Quit lying.


Because it doesn’t do that. Actions taken by a stealthed or invisible player dont report to the combat log.

Its also been in the game for 10+ years as the current “Spy” mod, and earlier versions existed since Vanilla.

but NOW its breaking PvP somehow.

But not for the last 15 years.

Just now.

Quit whinging.

I don’t understand how you can make this great game and then let it get perverted by someone’s crappy addon, then not do anything about it

I can understand that with BFA. But classic WoW? Come on

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… you dont even need the Add-on to do this.

Make a second combat log.

Set it to Enemy Player Actions only.

Make a mousover macro to /target.

Make your secondary combat log font size big enough for you to notice. Put the window where you will notice.

You now have the functionality of Spy.

No add-on required. Been able to do this since the Vanilla beta.

Dear god the idiocy is flowing deep today.

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Breaking Spy would break combat logs, threat meters, and other such things that rely on the addon scanning the combat log to produce results.

We would either have to break EVERY addon that uses it. Or break /target which would be a whole other issue.

spy was around since Vanilla. It wasnt as widely used as it is now however. The widespread use is what is affecting things, not the addon itself.

This is a catch 22 on break this, break everything…

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Why do we need to see enemy player actions? (Unless it’s our target, or maybe if they’re within nameplate range)

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I’m a feral druid and I don’t care. you’re in need of a crutch.

When the point flies over your head…

You’re not a pvper to say the least.

Alright well I’m pretty patient so I’ll keep waiting for somebody (rational) to give a reason

The addon scans the combat log. Then produces results. The combat log is what produces the data for the addon to operate off of.

And making enemy combat not appear in your combat logs, defeats the purpose of combat logs @ that point.

To break spy, you would have to make the combat log either unscannable, or remove enemy actions from it.

Both of those would break threat meters, dps meters, healing meters. Boss mods. ETC. Breaking spy would break a good majority of addons that people depend on.

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I’m not even the best at math but I know this logic is all sorts of *'ed up

Feels like I’m trying to interpret a bowl of spaghettios


I was reading my Alpha-bits the other morning and I think it was trying to tell me something.


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shut it rogue
its not agains the tos read them

You should probably download the addon “Git Gud”