The Spy Addon Needs to Go

Title says it all, if you think it should be in the game you are just bad at PvP.

Using addons like this should be considered similar to botting.

This addon removes the element of surprise in PvP which is not trivial and also negates certain class mechanics (hunter/druid track humanoid).


Lol. Oh this is fresh.
You can do the same thing with the combat log. Same thing you got told in your last thread on your alt. /spam thread


Why don’t you post on your classic main? Do you even have one?

Probably just bad at PvP so you want all the help from botting addons.

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Why don’t you like Spy?

Because I don’t have to unless I want to.


Botting addons? Lol. You sound like a bad player making excuses for why you’re bad.


Chances are I’d fold you in half in a 1v1. You are confirmed bad by the simple fact you think Spy should remain in the game.


How do you know it is really there? If it was a spy that good how could to stop him or prove his existence. Only a superior spy can take down another spy.

Oh you are that guy. Lol.

You are confirmed bad complaining about an addon instead of improving your own skills.


Because it automatically scans every enemy player within draw distance, gives you an alert and puts every player in draw distance in a list for you to click and target.

Unless you are a hunter with track humanoids you would not realistically have access to this information without the addon.


Hoes mad…


Sounds like a great add on, thanks op for letting me know.


Lol. You don’t even understand how it works. Lol. Confirmed baddy complaing about something he doesn’t even know how it works. Omegalul.

Should ability tracking addons be blacklisted as well such as Omnibar? They do the same thing by showing ability usage nearby alerting you that there is someone close, just can’t target them or see their name.

I just downloaded the addon from curse… thanks OP for making it known


Thats okay, I’m using it too.

Anyone justifying it being in the game is confirmed bad at PvP though.

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Scootin-Arugal confirmed bad at pvp.

It’s calles spy? Thanks OP. I had no idea this existed. Screw these rogues and huntards! Much appreciated!

It’s funny looking at all these bad pvpers defending this OP addon, stay bad at the game

It’s ok scootin, if you go back to retail you might be good at pet battles.

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I use it but I still rotate my camera since Spy only tracks so far and my view distance is further so most times I see the player before Spy picks them up, it is nice being able to target them though.

All this to say that I don’t really care whether or not Spy is broken, won’t hinder my gameplay.