Disable Spy addon

Ok, so I’m trying to be all sneaky going into a horde city and suddenly everyone who was just sitting there afk wakes up and starts looking around for me. Mind you I walked to the encampment in stealth figuring I could get the jump on them, but they just all wake up once I enter the area. This seriously ruins WPvP, and I have a guildie who runs the addon and says it tells him when a stealthy is near by. How is that addon keeping with the spirit of vanilla? Break the addon imo. It literally plays a loud sound and warns you.


does spy addon give your location to the CIA, hit you with a hunters mark and disconnect your internet out of stealth? no. it just says a rogue has stealthed nearby

the best way to play a rogue has ALWAYS been to assume they know you are stealthed nearby and play accordingly


Dude go back home. I can tell you are a loser running around with the name Cacks in a santa outfit lol.

or i played rogue for 3 years and am not garbage complaining about people knowing youre around. as an fyi, this name was made while you were in diapers, before anyone ever uttered the word “cuck”

go back to your private server.

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confirmed bad.


I know its not the first time its been complained about, but now I understand how unfair it is.

i think you are just now understanding you dont know how to play.


why r sooo soo soooo many people on these forums angry all the time?


man its so strange to me.

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It should be disabled if there is any auto-detection going on it just depends how its being done. I’ll have to investigate it myself.

Guildie told me it dings when a stealthy is nearby. But yeah such an addon shouldn’t be in the game. I think its called Spy or something.

No - it doesn’t. Stealth has always been server side. You’ve been lied to.

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Spy will warn and sound a specific alert when it detects that an enemy player is using stealth. You should no longer be surprised by rogues or druids in the area but attacks from stealth could still be deadly.

This was literally taken from the discription of the addon.

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Yeah, this is different than “detecting an enemy while stealthed”.

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Whats the range though?

If it shows up in combat log then it is in range.

Spy uses the combat log. It doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do just by watching the combat log. You stealth, everyone in ‘combat log’ range gets a combat log message saying you stealthed. Spy reads that and puts a notification on your screen.


The all-too-familiar sound cue Spy plays upon detecting a stealthed player is always a good indicator that it’s time to pull out a fel hunter and laugh at the stealthies.

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O yes indeed.

If you feel like banning spy, if you got the notionnnn, I second that emotionnnnn!

While i don’t mind giving rogues a dis-advantage in the expansion they benefit most, but with the last location spotted spy also throws up… it makes it very hard for rogues to blend in, its very different from other addons.

and i don’t have a rogue alt… mage/warrior i do think the level of awareness spy gives us is over the top… its letting worse players notice the enemy being sneaky and prepare for the attack, where in vanila/tbc you’d catch people completely offguard.