I Love the SPY Add-on

Prince said it best…
This is what it sounds like, when the rogues cry.

Awesome addon for increasing awareness.


This addon needs to be banned from the game. And blizzard needs to jump on this. It is a bullsh!t addon.


I think the creator of the addon was very clever, but nah Spy needs to go.


I don’t play a stealth class nor do I use spy. It’s a bs cheat addon and it needs to be banned.


Perception just got a massive… stealth buff. ZING. Runs away spamming R1 Holy Nova

They should just ban all add-ons that check logs… I’m fine with that.

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Raiders would have a conniption fit.

I’m sure they would… I have cleared all raid content without mods or add-ons and thus do not care.

get your pitchforks here get your pitchforks… torches here lit torches.

I feel like the addon helps Rogues just as much as hurts them so it’s not really a Rogue counter.

does not counter rogues at all this addons been around for years.

Such a great add-on. Rogues sorry but you need to get gud. This add-on been around for years. You just are bads.

ooh ahh the rogues that are against it are in the minority personally i love this addon but then again i was using the CB log before it so ehh.

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