Spy enimies addon

Hi ppl, first of all sorry for my bad english i am brazilian and it isnt mt mother language, but i am here to report “spy enimies addon”, i have seen many videos ( none from brazilians) with ppl using this addon, which shows nearst enimies and the distance of them from you…

Só obvious Blizzard, pls ban It. it looks an “bot” or one of those not allowed addons…

It is allowed and has been since original Vanilla. Its not a bot at all.


While it has been here since vanilla, it still isn’t entirely fair as it completely removes the element of surprise.

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Level 112 Space Goats weren’t here at all so you have no dog in this fight. This is Classic. Spy isn’t gonna be deemed a bad add-on by Blizzard this many years into its use.

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What are you on about? No one is talking about the Dranei, were talking about an addon. And yes, this addon is bad. It hurts pvp. Whether Blizzard cares or not is up to them.

You are a 112 Space Goat. Retail and space goats are ----------------------------->

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Why does my character that I post on matter?

“Oh boo hoo, this guy plays retail! Mommy, Mommy! Get the bad man away from me!”- You


Open up your combat log. Create a copy of it.

Limit this copy to showing only enemy player actions. Put this window anywhere you can see it easily.

You have now done what this mod does.

As people have been doing since the original beta.


Lulz it s an open world role playing game, NOT AN open PROGRAM world rpg…


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The combat log will tell of a presence close enough to register in the combat log.

But the combat log alone will not:
Give you their coordinates.
Automatically populate a list you can click on, which automatically targets them without having to spin around to look or type out /target name.
This thing will automatically put them on the list even if they are flying over you or running by WITHOUT adding to the combat log.

The tooltip is pretty badass though. Name/Guild/Winloss ratio.