Addressing the spy add-on

It’s time to remove it. It works against enemies hiding anywhere regardless if they are casting any spells or if they have buffs on. You can’t hide from it. I thought you all wanted it as #nochanges? Go back to reading the combat log for hints of enemy players if y’all really want to keep it like vanilla.


Wow another spy add on post.


As a healer…I like it!


who is next in line to create a spy addon topic?

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Why not? I do
Stealth out of range, walk in and annoy people to your hearts content.

We had addons in vanilla, even ones just like spy.
Well maybe not just like, they werent written as well but

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Can i go next? I am always last usually

I seriously cannot with the endless spy threads

Probably some Undead Rogue.

Definitely Horde. It’s always horde crying about it.

The spy addon is good for mouth breathers / clueless retail players that have no spatial awareness (majority of players) so it’s no surprise to see so many defending it.

IKR, use track humanoids & flare like a … you.

I dont need to use track humanoids now that the spy addon is a thing. I can keep track mining up so I can get arcane crystals while I farm honor

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What happened to the #nochanges mentality everyone had a while back? Now that people want spy out of classic I’m seeing those same people that were up with pitchforks about no changes accept this change. You guys can’t be this bad to want it in classic.

They wanted no changes, but then they rolled a rogue.

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It’s the new mutliboxing. Does it undermine the game? Yes. Does it specifically undermine PvP? Yes. Does it violate ToS? No. Oh well.

Spy is absolutely here to stay, just be glad you aren’t a rogue OP. Rogue are basically useless now lol.

Stop posting your garbage tumblr gifs lol

It’s my turn!

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