Whining about Spy addon

Why do I feel like most of the whiners are gankers who are mad they cannot run up on low health folks killing mobs un detected? I can’t really see who this mod hurts but these kind of players. Oh wait… Rogues. Yup, gankers :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s also not a widely used add-on, I have a feeling most are just playing bad, screaming about it, finding spy as an available add-on and blaming it. It’s like when people scream aimbot at everything cause they died


Yea, I’ve never even heard of spy. I’ve got no idea what it even does.

Whining thread about people whining, you really thought this through.

Approaching targets undetected is literally the point of stealth.

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What’s funny is, it has a very low chance of being banned and all the people posting about it is making it more popular


You are no better, you are whining about someone whining about the people whining.

Oh no, what am I?

Pretty much. All rogue players especially that Woopee character seem to think that rogues should be a one-shot “I win against anyone” class, just for being rogues.

It’s hilarious really.

And rogues and ferals continue to do so, even when other players use Spy.

My god, now you’re whining about me whining about your thread whining about whiners. When will it end?!

LMAO wat

Apparently wanting my class’s core mechanic to not be disadvantaged by Spy is the equivalent of wanting to one-shot everyone.

We should ban whining about SPY, it’s more annoying than the addon.

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ITT: noobs like OP forever butt mangled by rogues and literally supports hack tools to combat pro rogues

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Stealth is way Overpowered. If this addon goes away, stealth should have a max time of 30 seconds.

Rogues complaining is such a joke. The class that can corpse camp but can’t be camped themselves. Kill people in the opposite faction cities and don’t think they have enough tools for PvP.

ITT: People that don’t understand that addons are not hacking tools.

Rogue stealths 10 miles away: BING BING BING
Level 2 mage: lol i detect a rogue, time to leave


200yds and does nothing you can’t do within the game itself

Have you ever played a rogue? Have you ever spent months or years playing that one class? They have almost none of the abilities that a mage has. They don’t have the armor of a plate class, yet they are melee fighters.

They have exactly one special ability, that makes them on a par with other classes: stealth. Without that ability they are the worst class in the game – by far. Without stealth, nobody would every roll a rogue.

It is not just used by gankers – that is a ridiculous idea that you invented (because you don’t play a rogue). Stealth is used in every situation. In pvp it is defense as well as offense. It keeps you OUT of combat more often than it helps you attack someone.

Why not simply admit tht you know nothing about being a rogue?

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I’ll take “What is hyperbole” for 1000, Alex.

Only time im losing against rogues on my server is currently them blowing every single cooldown they have and as many engineering trinkets as possible.

Its quite funny, and I dont even run Spy atm…

Truth. If it was for all the QQ I wouldn’t have heard of it, and then immediately Downloaded it.

Thanx QQers!


I should download it to add to the popularity, even though I’ll NEVER flag for PvP, so its usefulness is next to nothing for me.