Can we get a ban on Spy?

It’s like sports and steroids, you have to use it if your enemy is using it. That said, it’s pretty lame. @blizzard any movement on this?


I agree, it needs to go. Get ready to get flooded by an alt army of spam.

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Nobody should disagree




Give good reasons why it should be removed. Dont just blurt out an opinion and expect blizzard to act on it.


:roll_eyes: Can we get an original topic idea?

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This sounds like a very reasonable request.

Also, how, from a technical standpoint, would it be removed? What, precisely, about WoW would be disabled, or developed and enabled that would prevent this particular addon from functioning, and what else would that affect?

I emailed my reasons to blizzard. When posts like this are placed, its for blizzard to notice. Sure debate happens, as has happened in the other 10 threads, but ultimately, when asked in customer service, they said email blizzard and post on the general classic forums. This is an attempt to get blizzard to notice I believe.

Sure. All Blizzard has to do is remove all player access to the combat log.


I hope you’re joking, that will kill SOOOOO many things, things they’ve actually worked to preserve in classic

They certainly could limit the range of the combat log and break the networking of it.

Reason - blizzard only gave hunters and druids track humanoids for a reason.

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200 yds is already extremely limiting, and breaking networking would again, break many addons that they worked to preserve in a vanilla like state

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Open your combat log, create a new tab, adjust filters to only enemy actions, separate that tab out

Boom, spy with no addon, it’s not doing anything particularly special, it’s just providing info clearer


200 yards is huge, I would limit it to 5 feet. Blizzard broke the LFG add on because of the networking.

Then do that, ban the add on.

LFG addon actually works perfectly fine still

and 5 feet would be extremely limiting in raids, its 200 yds for a reason

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oh, what is that reason?

have you seen the size of ony’s room? have you seen how big raids are?

we are talking about pvp, not pve.