The only thing that annoys me with the spy addon

I play a 57 undead priest on arcanite reaper and Ally outnumber us 10-1. I chose to play on a pvp server so getting camped non stop is all on me.

I honestly should be level 60 by now but I just had a new born and it’s been hard finding the time to play this game like I used to 10 years ago. Now I understand that the spy addon isn’t really cheating but it really is annoying. As soon as I resurrect, Ally instantly know where I am and can continue to corpse camp me… If spy addon didn’t Instantly tell you where you were, maybe it’d be a little easier to run away with my 60% mount…

I did find a somewhat solution to this… Buy all the invisibility potions off the auction house. As soon as you res, pop the invisibility potion and try to go the opposite way of the campers… then just hope and pray they don’t find you while you run away and try to find a different area to quest.

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I was curious if lesser invis potions even do anything in pvp situations, seems lesser af

Here’s truth. If I’m camping your corpse I don’t need an addon. I can see by your corpse. And I can make a macro to target you immediately. Here is a good point. Any smart player knows after 4 kills you’re worthless.