In-Game Combat Log Range Decreased

(Kaivax) #1

Earlier today, we deployed a WoW Classic hotfix to all regions:

  • The in-game combat log radius has been fixed, and now only displays information for units that are within 50 yards of the player.

This is closer to the original behavior of WoW 1.12, and should eliminate the ability for addons to extend players’ senses and detect enemy actions at a greater distance than intended.

This fix does not affect text logs that the game outputs for raid parses.

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Hell yeah. This should bring Spy in line.


Great now can we get a fix for faction imbalance? Skeram alliance over here watchin all my friends quit.


Literally never had spy detect players from farther than 50 yards anyway.

Blizzard is too reactive

Totally reasonable and hopefully this will get the spy whiners to move on to their next world ending, game-breaking, “they’re totally hacking” complaint.


Wonderful news! I will take it and enjoy it.

(Shortheals) #7

I think it will help the players using the addon to find Rogues easier.


then you haven’t been checking your addon lmao

before this nerf you could target people by the brd portal while walking into brm from searing gorge


so will the rogues stop crying now that they can’t ambush everyone and stun lock em?


hilarious how this is changed because of rogues feelings but i have an addon that marks healers as healers. so it’s okay to ruin a healers game play but not a rogues? lol

(Omegall) #11

Please tell me this is restricted to BGs and open world and not instances?

if it’s instances it’s going to require such a significant amoun to comm spam to replicate current mod performance in raids, because I’m just gona sync the entire combat log, so enjoy the comm spam on your network.


Everyone: spy is here to stay and doesn’t offer any unfair advantage because you can just look at Combat logs



Rogues whole class mechanic is about hiding. If you could tell i was a melee dps i would not care. comparing a role to stealth dont hold up


I am against the target healer add ons as well. I played healer mainly in battlegrounds and they would target me even before the gates opened. Ya, its not right. Maybe thats the next crusade! Damnit, I’m horde though, no paladins…


Ah, that’s what that hotfix was.

I can totally agree with this. I use the spy addon myself (mostly for the KoS list ability and to warn me of nearby enemy players when I’m not watching out for them). Even I thought it’s range was a bit much.

Nice job blizz. Can’t wait for those BGs in Dec!!

(Tuskamus) #16

This seems like a great compromise.


i have a 120 rogue on retail. do you remember the crying about DHs because something for once finally made stealth not the god mode unfair advantage it’s always been? or how thorns didn’t exist in retail for a while because it also hurt rogues feelings. lots of things rogues whine about. i play a healer more than i play my rogue. it affects you more than it affects me. just like the healer thing affects me more than it affects you. btw do you have that addon installed? because there’s no way to miss that a healer is near you with it at all.


Putting a raid icon on you is far from negating a classes core ability. If we could download an addon to oom you then maybe.

(Beaupeep) #19

They will always have multi-boxing to fall back on…

They love to gnaw on that bone now and then.


uh you’re a warlock. you do have drain mana already. :stuck_out_tongue: