You MUST ban SPY!

Seriously, need I say more?

Growing eyes in the back of our head (spatial awareness) was a skill back in vanilla.
Everything about this addon screams cheat…
I agree with the banning of the LFG add-on as classic went into launch but I am appalled that LFG would be banned but not spy?
I would rather lose combat log and not have spy than have combat log and know that players are utilizing this addon. I strongly oppose it, but I am conflicted because I do not have it so I am literally giving myself a horrible and intentional massive disadvantage in pvp.

Priests being able to instantly target a player as they rez, and go stealth but still get a mind vision off is insane.

This addon needs to be removed. I honestly do not care the cost. Take the combat log with it if you have to.


“I can’t win without multiple advantages! Blizzard help!”

Spy is fine. It’s not going anywhere.

spy is a combat chat parser, its similar to dragging out your combat log and watching it. See activity in combat log, someone is nearby

Removing the combat log is lunacy. I can still hear the stealth pop regardless.

“Growing eyes on the back of ur head was a skill back in vanilla” HAHA Thats such bullsht… No amount of skill is gonna detect a rogue sneaking on you without a warning.

Screw you guys… You think its fair for anyone else to get ganked out of the blue? Spy only shows that some one stealthed is around… doesnt show you where they are. STF^ about it already cry babies. The biggest cheese classes crying about not being able to cheese AS much, cause u definitely can still cheese.