Spy Addon abuser would rather not

The Spy addon needs to be banned.

It allows me/players to receive alerts and target enemy player through walls, out of LOS, etc etc (great feature allowing me to auto detect stealthed rogues nearby as well!)…Imagine how broken that is for a hunter or warlock due to pet mechanics and target marking!

I use it myself, and I hate it, but without it you are at a serious disadvantage in pvp.

Please look into this.

It’s ruining what pvp used to be. Similar addons were banned in vanilla that allowed for targeting through tracking markers in mini-map and alerts about nearby enemies.

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Tab target will also target those same enemies. Creating a /tar <player name/mob> will target those same enemies. How do you think the 300 groups a day, that search UBRS for id’s with Jed, are able to do do? Stealth into ubrs and /tar Jed - this targets Jeb from 3 floors below.