Reddit Thread Overwhelmingly Against Spy ADDON

Detailed Post with over 900 upvotes that are AGAINST the Spy Addon. Only 2 days old.

Please Break the Spy Addon #BlizzardCS


As a hunter, yes, Spy give everyone that uses it my unique ability to know if there are hostiles around on my minimap. Well, druids as well, and it breaks their ability to surprise attack. This add on simply is overpowered and changes the pvp dynamic greatly.

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Notice how the trolls do not respond to this thread. They sure do not want to bump it lol.

Haha, I see them still trolling in all the other threads but they won’t touch this one. They like replying to themselves there and cannot face the truth that this add on is trash.

Come to Reddit and post there Ferneth.

why would I want to post in that echo chamber. the dont want to listen they just want to whine.

I believe these forums are an echo chamber as well. But Blizz actually reads Reddit.

have not seen how everyone that posts the facts about spy trying to dispel the misinformation gets downvoted to hell so that their posts become unseen <.<
im was not joking with that post the anti spy people really are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to game knowledge and skill.

I have had a couple of them try to shut me down on my level even after i pointed out that all do in fern is gank players. they honestly believed that if i was ganking so many players i should have leveled out 39 by now… they honestly believe that you get xp from killing players.

You keep implying people are “at the bottom of the barrel”. Many people do not have the knowledge of addons or how they work, they just know they are good or bad. In this case many people think it goes against the spirit of the game and goes about breaking it. Yes you have your technical terms, but that is not always what is important. Perception, game play and fun are also important. People that do not have fun and think its cheating will leave the game. I suppose you will think thats a good thing because you want your vision for the game. Not everyone has the same vision and we must share this game because its a mmorpg.

I think the pro add on defenders have admitted defeat. cheers

they think they are good or bad and that think is should be in bold. as for the bit about people perception what about the other sides perception the ones that like the game as it is? do you cut of your right hand to please the left?

Can you please tell me what you are trying to say here?

first part was in your people are good or bad comment you saying they just know if they are good or bad and its not that they know that they are good are bad they think they are good. when in fact they are bad people have a hard time admitting their failures but a good red flag of someone is lacking in skill is when they are looking for andexcuse to their failure. it can’t be me it’s this addon, and all the info that they believe about the addon is false. look at the anti-spy crowd look how many people belive it does things that it just cannot do. they believe this because they are trying to excuse their failure they think they are good and they in fact are lacking.

the second part you talked about perception and players happiness. that people have this negative perception and its make them unhappy and how things should be changed so that they can be happy to. This would not be a bad thing but alot of times in games what is making a group unhappy is the same thing that is making the other group happy. to please the unhappy group you would have to make the happy group unhappy. thus the do you cut of your right hand to please the left. the left is unhappy that you have a right hand, the right hand is happy that it gets to be your hand. the only way to please the left is to punish the right but what as the right done to you beside be happy to be apart of you.

People can have subjective opinions and base whether they individually like something on how they feel

This is not fact, this is your subjective opinion and hyperbole

You are stating your opinion on this again, and full of hyperbole.

Stating double talk and trying to frame an argument by stating your subjective view, and again stating hyperbole.
You are trying to use hyperbole to make your case, but you lack facts.
I have only stated subjectively on peoples emotions, not basing off of fact, but people do make decisions off of emotion.
Fact is the add on, if you bought the game in 2004, did not come with the spy add on installed. So the game can be played without the add on. It is the natural state of the game. When addons take over gameplay and are needed to play to be competitive then the addon is to powerful. When an addon usurps class play it must be broken. It trivializes the hunter, It breaks shadowmeld. You can shadowmeld but you cannot walk stealthed. Spy notices your shadowmeld. If you move they see you. If you don’t move they will find you. They are alerted to your presence. It breaks the surprise element of stealth by detecting a stealth nearby, or far away with this problem. Someone mentioned tom tom with this, and now I must figure out how that enhances the addon.

IM sorry and its their SUBJECTIVE OPINION as well. that is this is my opinion on on their OPINION. people THINK that they are good this is an OPINON not a fact.

YOU HAVE AN OPINION that if players are unhappy that the devs should be changing the game to make said players happy. I asked to a very simple question which is very relevant is this something that should be done if it something that will cause other players to become happy. who deserves to be unhappy? funny enough instead of trying to answer the problem you just attacked me which says alot about you.

first off i can recreate all the effects of the addon by using the api we have had sense launch. so guess what in a way wow did launch with spy. but honestly the logic you used here is idotic because if it is true than it means we need to get rid of every single mod DBM GFTO RECOUNT ETC ETC ETC. you don’t have DBM you won’t get taken to a raid or at least you will get kicked when its descorved that you don’t have it, and recount is used to check how good a player is actually doing as well as finding the weak players.

no it does not trivialized the hunter because unlike the hunters tracking SPY does not mark you mini map with the players location they cannot see you unless your in line of sight congratulation on showing everyone your ignorance. same with shadowmeld player won’t know where you are if you are not in line of site and if your are shadowing in front of someone do you really think players are that stupid that they don’t know that shadowmeld cant move. you shadowmeld in front of someone and guess what they are just gonna walk over and AOE you because only druids and rogues can stealth.

SO DOES THE API WE HAVE HAD FOR 15 YEARS and he have had spy since vannlia as well. as for tomtom it doesn’t this is just more misinformation being spread to try and slander the addon. let me give you a little hint if your trying to blame a addon for your failure an addon that has been around since wows vanilla days and can be recreated with just the api so you don’t even need the addon then the problem is YOU not the addon.

Ya, thats what I said, You must not have read it. I also said people make decisions on their subjective opinions whether the add on is good or bad and what they consider game breaking. I never said once about people thinking they are good or not, that has never been the point. Thats an accusation that is thrown at people that are against the addon. “get better rogue” statements.

I do have that opinion of my own, I do not say that others share it. I said people make decisions on how they feel. You are reading in stuff not there.

I have made the statement that the addon is an “addition” to the game and the game can be played without it. Sure the addon might make you happy, but it might be causing harm to another. This is an example of personal property rights. Your rights end where anothers begin. Being that this is not a single player game and we must play together, then there should be an incentive to strive toward fairness in game play. Everyone playing is paying a sub for the base game, not to have to face game breaking “additions” to the game.

You might be able to, but the majority does not know how.

I think there are ways around without getting rid of most of those mods. But if it takes breaking mods in order to break bad mods then it must be done. That’s like saying we can leave a couple killers on the street because we have a bunch of good people on the street.

I honestly disagree with your opinion here. Others have also stated what I have stated so I am not alone on this at least.

I sense a bunch of hostility and frustration. You keep calling people names and accusations of slander when people are simply trying to have a conversation. The problem for me is the addon. The Spy addon has not been around since vanilla. There where other addons like it yes. I do not know how you can call a person a failure by trying to show how an addon breaks certain class features. Nothing to do with how I am in game. I am sorry you have to resort to insults.

harm? harm? someone being upset is not harmed stop with the appeal to emotion.

ahhh yes but see now your putting yourself before me and calling it “fair” why it is fair why its it ok to make me upset and please you instead? ahh its because your selfish and don’t really care about others as long as you’re what you want.

no its not possible because its using the core api which we have had for 15 years but the point i was making was that by the very logic you were using we should disable every mod because every mod breaks the train of thought you presented. I was showing you exactly how flawed that train of logic was.

and others have argued against you repeatedly but all you care about is your echo chamber. btw you can have an opinion but it doesn’t make your opinion CORRECT or RIGHT. but of corse you think that you are always correct or right because you don’t care about others you only care that your getting your way. as I pointed out with the whole why is it fair to make others unhappy just to please yourself.

dam right because we are sick and tired of explain over and over again. repeatedly pointing out the misinformation to you which of course you refused to accept because then you would be wrong.

never called anybody a name did say that they were bad at the game but thats not name calling so knock it off. your not trying to have a conversation your trying to bury your head in the sand and whine till people give in well guess what we will not give in and let people lie about this addon or how the game works.

because it doesn’t break class features everything you go a head list something it breaks and i can disprove it heck i can even disprove it live on twitch betcha you can’t do that.

no i said they were bad at the game bad players can become good one way they do this is accept that they are bad and ask others how to improve, and a way to start is stop blaming the API for their mistakes.

Well this thread is messed up.

I will agree with the OP though, the add-on feels… wrong. I don’t care about pvp and getting ganked whatever its fine, but when I can LoS people so they cannot see me, or know where I am, have an add-on go “HEY THERES A GUY CLOSE” and have them run all over the place for me, is not okay.

I was helping my priest bro get his benediction in EPL last night, they got ganked while I was a corpse. I ressed WAY out of LoS of these guys, and ran away to safety, but because this app had smashed warnings in their face that a mage was close, they ran way far away from where I ressed and found me and ganked me. This just doesn’t feel right to me. Say what you want “I’m bad” or whatever, but getting rolled on by 3 people when they NEVER saw you, doesn’t feel right.

merv the api does this go to your combat log right click it and go to settings click the new filter option then make sure only have enemy player check. boom you have spy visison without the mod. next you just make a mouseover macro and boom you have spy targeting. its the same thing and its what the pvper did back in van myself included. this addon btw has been around for 14 years its not like its a new thing. also as for the never seeing you when it comes to pvp if they sit the option to have enemy health bar visible ( this is a ingame setting btw) thats how they see you through walls. its just the nature of mmos

I do not know what you’re really talking about here… I have enemy health bars visible myself. I was camping the spawn with my priest bro and 2 other people. All of these people in my party have the spy addon. Two times they called out people I did not know were there, I would have had no idea there were there, but SPY shoved the notifications in their face. I saw mobs running around, boom that’s where that guy is. Without this add-on, none of us would have seen him. He came into range just barely and the add-on lit up.

Say what you want or mod your combat log however you want, this plug and play add-on is broken.

did you set up your api to show you it thats what they are using they are using the games api. im sorry but if you dont go through the steps you cant complain about the people that are. btw the combat log shoves it in your face you can adjust the font and color to your test and after about 1hr or 2 of play your brain will be train to spot the flicker of movement in the log.

again everything that addon does can be done without it. if you dont want to go though the steps of setting up your combat log thats on you its not broken for people to make use of the tools given to them because the other guy is being lazy.