Spy Addon will ruin WSG

Seeing this wpvp patch crash and burn I assume WSG will be rushed out a bit quicker, but if Spy addon is still in during WSG it will be ruined. This addon will allow you to know if a rogue is in the flag room on defense or if there are multiple. Please break this Addon yesterday.


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Hall monitor, get a job


Or we’re just sick of seeing 40000 posts about the same thing?

Spy add on does not see through stealth. At least learn how something works before whining about it.

What are you talking about? Love it or hate it, the only thing the addon does is read the combat log. Your combat log saying that some rogue went into stealth does not tell you where he is.

Maybe you should learn what this addon does because it shows you coordinates of the stealth player…

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no, no it doesn’t

unless you can target them

it can’t circumvent game mechanics



I enter stealth, spy pings my location, human uses perception and catches me in stealth from 20 yards away.

This addon is absolute bull****.


it doesn’t ping your location… such misinformation, it pings the PLAYERS location and says “stealth nearby”, just like the combat log says.

Might as well with perception.

You’re several weeks late. Apparently SPY is already ruining the whole game… :rofl:


nothing will be done all of blizzards streamers use spy addon the olny thing i can say do is dont play a rogue for pvp.

what do you think killed wpvp in the first place in wow?spy addon.

Yup. The moment I’m notified of stealth and I believe the rogue is close enough I will pop perception and catch them.

They say Spy has been around/similar since Vanilla but it was NEVER in the top PVP addons used/downloaded. I’ve never seen it up there in all my years.

It takes the edge/fun from PvP. You have to use it or you are at a disadvantage. Populating the list with names and being able to click it to target them is bogus.

“But combat logs” you still have to TYPE /target name, IF they have a normal name not full of alt+codes.

I love the Kill on Sight and notes, win ratios. That’s nice.

if you run into flag room to capture flag and your spy pings there are two stealth detected when you run in that is the issue… You don’t need exact coordinates of stealth when you run in room and know their are rogues in that room…

if they were already stealthed it won’t ping you unless you got close to them, it cannot circumvent game mechanics

Right so basically if you are rogue on defense you should never eat/potion and if you are at 20% health you are better off just stealthing and staying stealth while you regen because of an addon… working as intended btw

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you don’t need the addon to catch a rogue stealthing IN YOUR BASE. Stealth is super freaking loud, you’re going to hear it.

The whole point of stealth is to be stealthy… you stealth outside of peoples combat log ranges, you stealth outside of the range of them hearing you stealth, stealth has to have drawbacks to make up for it’s insane power.

How Spy detects stealth:

If a rogue in your area Stealths, it will notify.

The ONLY time it will notify when they are already stealthed, are when you are close enough and SEE them in stealth.