Imagine PvP without the Spy addon

Imagine being able to experience vanilla-like PvP without the Spy addon.

Oh, how glorious and authentic that would be.


I think its funny how 90% of the people complaining about spy are rogues. If they disable spy ill just set my ui to show me people stealthing. So you will inconvenience me for about 30 sec. Or you could understand how the combat log works and stealth outside its range.


Hi Graff waves

Imagine a world where you were forced to use spy addon . In this world however you have the choice to not use it . Then your imagination will become reality.

I haven’t tried it. I guess I’ll install it now, while I’m in queue. Thanks :heart:

The funniest thing is you people are advertising its existence and letting people know to get it.


I know! I didn’t know about it until all these post. PvP starts tomorrow (?) So going to go download it now! As a healer I would love to know before I hear the crunch that a rogue is near!

Thanks everyone for making me aware if this awesome sounding add-on.

I’m a rogue and have zero issues with Spy.

I use the hell out of it.

Sounds very authentic to not use it, but some people have to have all the advantages to actually be able to compete in pvp and pve.

This 5th or 6th thread on this ?

Ah well, ill bite, just because i don’t remember you using that particular point in the previous posts.

How is the Spy add-on not authentic ?..the info is in the combat log, people write and use add-ons that filter logs, parse, filter chat, etc etc…all of which was available in Vanilla. If anything add-on functionality has been resricted more in classic than it was in Vanilla ( see : LFG add-on changes right after classic released ).

So please, do explain how this isn’t authentic.

Yeah man i would download paranoia for the same thing, its the one i had back in the day, tho as I understand spy was around as well.

Rogue tears are hilarious tho.


i never knew about such a good add on. I love it