Break Spy, it breaks many pvp encounters

Very frustrating when a hunter who has know idea I’m nearby suddenly decides to plop down frost trap and flares, because i poped cold blood when approaching him to engage (while stealthed of course). Same thing when ganking in capital cities, frustrating when all of a sudden a bunch of ppl who shouldnt know im near them start aoeing and flaring.


“I can’t sneak up on people because they can hear me now!”

Sorry, PvP happened on a PvP server and it’s not against TOS.

Prove it is and maybe they will break it.

Dumbest fake quote on the forums, no doubt.

They “hear” Cold Blood being used? ok bud

I agree, your quoting abilities are pretty dumb.

Again, prove Spy is against TOS or don’t complain about PvP happening.

Also, stop being a wuss and sneaking up on people. That’s the only reason to PvP on a Rogue, so you can hide like a chicken.

Congrats, you understand that stealth is a core mechanic of rogues. Post on your classic character, troll.


“When ganking in capital cities”

Yea that’s why nobody cares about your spy addon concerns.

I mean, it is a stupid addon… but all it does is read the combat log. What are they gonna do, break the combat log?

Remove stealth from combat log. EZ fix, assuming they wanted one.

All they have to do is just make it so stealth and a select few other abilites that are usable from stealth to not show up in combat log. easy fix.