Spy should be banned

its literally a cheat, wtf are you doing blizzard?


I don’t think you know what this means.

Also reported for spam.



looks like youre the one who needs a dictionary my friend


agreed, its 100% a cheat. I wouldnt say its quite as extreme, but its like having a wall hack in CS or any other shooter.

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A wall hack lets you see people through walls. The combat log shows you actions within a certain range, even through walls, but it doesn’t locate the person for you. It’s not like a wall hack at all, and the functionality is in the game itself. The addon just makes it easier to read. (And for the record, I don’t use the addon, but I tried it out just to see what people are complaining about.)

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To be fair there is a blue post directing people post this exact topic in general.

hopefully someone can link this up to the minimap to provide pings.

There’s nothing to ping. Spy doesn’t give you enemy locations like so many people seem to think it does.

Thankfully it doesnt provide exact locations, but it shows distance which is enough to screw over stealth classes.

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yep, and with the networking with other spy users they could pretty much triangulate a position.