Ban spy addon that shares enemy player locations

Looks like there’s another addon that automates communication with other users.

This addon will alert other players using the same addon about the location of enemies. You can also create lists of players who you want to track, and possibly to gank repeatedly/indefinitely:

it looks like it may be particularly intrusive as hunters and druids can track humanoids and this information will be shared with non-hunters/non-druids via the addon.

edit: sadly, it’s been a couple of months, and it seems we’re stuck with this addon that provides an advantage to those who use it, against those who don’t.

I’ve seen quite a few videos posted of world pvp where this addon is being used, particularly by large guilds that like to gank or harass others.

So my suggestion is that casual players on PVP servers may want to use this addon, and ideally join a large guild that can help you avoid high level gankers in the zone who may already know about your presence due to their use of the addon.


I saw that too, just seems wrong.


And again… players bring bad behavior addons in the game.

Want to gank/kill someone ? Find him yourself and do it.

Wtf with addons creators ? They just want to get famous by doing things like this.


Yeah I’m frustrated I’m having to investigate these addons that automate communication in ways that provide distinct advantages. As others have noted, there are quite a few.


You may not like it, but this addon is going to be a must if you level in Stranglethron.


A “must” ? Didn’t had this addon in Vanilla while leveling in Stranglethorn and i’m still here, alive and i even reached level 60

I must a be a sort of god then ?


Hello God,
I have some things I really want to talk about…


What is it like making it through STV? I never completed the zone and still have pages in my old toon bank.


The API allows tracking to be shared?



Yes according to the addon description, all the hunter or druid needs to do is hover over the tracking information in their UI, which will expose the player’s class and level. This information will be shared with others running the addon in your same circle of users.

Blizzard needs to disallow communication between addons. The addons do this in order to circumvent limitations on the world, limitations that exist for a reason. Players can’t communicate telepathically but these addons are essentially making it like they can.


This addon just alerts you if people are nearby by reading the combat log.

That’s it.

Literally that’s it.

Stop lying.


I’m not lying. To quote the addon’s own description from my original link:

Spy can be configured to announce enemy player encounters to a chat channel and can also be configured to share data with other Spy users in your party, raid or guild. This allows a group of players to share information and determine the location of enemy players over a vast area.

That’s ridiculous.


You missed the key part at the end.

who are also in the same zone

Spy can be configured to announce encounters to a variety of channels, including your party, raid, guild and local defense channels. In addition, other Spy users in your party, raid or guild who are also in the same zone

This isn’t like some CIA satellite tracking people in Silithus when you are in WPL.


I hope Blizzard will review their whole API for Classic…
The combat log alert is fine. But instant sharing location of the enemy… woah.

Probably gonna be the most used addon in P2 if it stay like this.

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According to the addon description, the same-zone limitation applies to the population of the “Nearby” list in the addon:

In addition, other Spy users in your party, raid or guild who are also in the same zone will have your encounters added to their Nearby lists

There is still reporting of all encounters to anyone configured to use the addon to the variety of channels:

Spy can be configured to announce encounters to a variety of channels, including your party, raid, guild and local defense channels

The extent to which the addon can be configured to parse that information and, say, notify you if the encounter includes someone on your kill on sight list isn’t clear.

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Okay so I guess it’s working in a way that is a little more than I first understood it but still way less threatening than your OP suggests.

It doesn’t share information between every person using the addon, only between guildies.

The Hunter/Druid tracking thing isn’t a big deal since the combat log tracking has a bigger range.

Overall I don’t really see the problem. If they make it so the addon can’t communicate with each other you could just have it announce to guild chat and the result would be the same.

I didn’t realize it could be setup to send out messages without the player typing out the message. That part is likely going to be broken by Blizz.

You aren’t gonna get changes to something that is using the combat log however.

Ah, if it works like the retail addon it will share player locations to people no in the zone as well. I can’t remember if its party, raid or guild that it will share it will. But it does share outside of the zone. The initial tracking is inside the zone, but it can share it to other players outside the zone. If it works like the retail version.

Is this the same addon they were talking about on Reddit? The one the Eve guild idiots plan to use to try and corner the market on various items?

Kind of like they did on pservers.

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They had addons like this a long time ago. I remember playing with a hunter and he would announce nearbye horde.

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