SPY - Giving some classes abilities they shouldn't have

I have been playing a Hunter since vanilla wow, and I do remember dealing with similar mods back then like Paranoia. Somehow people think this gives the mod some legitimacy, which it doesn’t, but the biggest difference is how many people are using it. In our current Classic experience it has become something people feel forced to use instead of a niche mod PvPers might have. Yes, I understand that the mod is only using information from the Combat Log, and yes I feel like if you want to take advantage of that information you should have to read it yourself.

My real problem is that I feel like people are ignoring the fact that this mod is basically giving classes in the game abilities that other classes have.

What benefit is there in being a hunter and having tracking to watch for other players or to hunt them down when this mod gives every class the ability to emulate the Track Humanoid part of the hunter class. Fair?

As a Nightelf I use stealth to hide and save myself from a bad engagement. Now, if I get away from a bad fight and lose line of sight on the enemy I can’t just stealth and stand in position to stay alive. Instead of thinking I kept running that player automatically knows that I stealthed and that I am not running away.

Same with Rogues and Druids, yes the other player cannot see you in stealth. But they can start looking for you, they can start to use AOE, they can use FLARE. It does change the stealth dynamic drastically.

Again, yes I know the information is in the Combat log. But the mod gives everyone Track Humanoids, that ruins the Hunter class taking something that was supposed to be unique and giving it to everyone.

Everyone wants to know when they are about to get attacked or killed, why should you get a class ability from a mod?
Blizz can you just make it so enemy actions don’t show up in the chat bar until that enemy attacks you?

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Cry more.

Oh wait you are.

I understand reading is hard, but tell me how I’m wrong troll.

Why would anyone read your novel?

There is nothing wrong with the addon.



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Spy isn’t a class ability. You’ll be happy to know it is a Combat Log ability, and everyone has that.


I agree Spy is cheesy…Open Bgs for the love of god

Starting to look like classic has more cry babies then retail.

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