SPY should be allowed, but just know you use a crutch

SPY is a legal addon that should stay legal, but garner no respect from the community.

I think the fact that people have to use it to feel safe from rogues is more telling of the type of player than the addon itself.


mad cuz bad also not even posting from your 60


Funny, my post reads as mediation not mad.

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Rogue main spotted.


What makes you think I’m a rogue main? Lol?

Back in D2, duels involved two people going outside of town after declaring hostility on each other and trying to kill each other.

Invariably, after it was over, these would be the next two lines:

person 1: “pot”
person 2: “qq”

It doesn’t do any good to call anything out as “bad form.” Inevitably, if it adds an edge to gameplay, that will be how people win and everybody else is forced to “qq.”


TBH, it’s fun to watch rogues suffer. Spy is just a form of in-game karma.


Lol, you guys think I’m a rogue main, but in reality, I just don’t need to use SPY to feel like I can sh*t on rogues. Sorry you guys feel like you can’t lol…

I accept that I am using a crutch. I also accept that using this crutch makes some people cry delicious salty tears.

Look, if you like ganking folks then do it, but be honest. It’s a dick move, you can’t be upset when other people defend against it. It’s PvP afterall.


You should look at my opinion more as from an observer’s. If I watch a duel and I know the winner used SPY to beat the rogue, you think I’m gonna respect the winner either?

Look, at the end of the day, people can’t kid themselves and know their skill levels. SPY is just trying to lie to yourself and keep you from progressing in the game.

I’m not sure how you would use Spy to win a duel?


I’m neutral on this matter. I’m a priest in classic just as I am in Live. I just don’t feel the need to download SPY and use it to protect myself from rogues. I invite their tricks because I feel like being able to overcome their tricks is the ultimate QQ smackdown on a rogue. Imagine crying because you got entirely outplayed and not because I used an addon…

Lol, what is with the wave of people who think Spy does something to rogues specifically?

All Spy does is it notifies you when someone is in the area. It doesn’t help you kill them.

If Spy tells Billy, that Joe is in the area, does it really matter whether Joe is a Warrior, or a Rogue? Billy now knows he’s there. It has nothing to do with Joe’s class at all.

“But but but, my stealth…” Joe splutters.

…is intact Joe. Just because Billy knows you’re in the area does not mean your stealth has suddenly been disabled, nor does it mean he magically gains 10 levels of perception to see through it.

Just because Billy knows you’re there, does not mean you suddenly lose the opportunity to get your opener on him.

Joe can still sit there watching Billy from the shadows like the good little creep he is, waiting for Billy to be engaged with mobs, or sit down and drink. Joe popped up on Billy’s Spy radar 5 minutes ago, but since Joe hasn’t made a move, it’s meant absolutely nothing.

And then suddenly, Joe strikes! And what do you know, Billy is dead.

I guess at the end of the day Spy didn’t really make Billy any safer from opportunistic Rogues who know how to play their class.

Billy is said :frowning_face:


– and also he gets the kill.

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Kills are only valuable in the eye of the beholder. If PVP is revered, do you think people are going to respect special tools that allow for it? People don’t accept counterfeit money for a reason.

People don’t respect PvP.

It’s always 5v1.

It’s always against someone with worse gear.

If you complain about it, the only answer is to reroll on a PvE server.

If it’s a battleground, well it’s a chaotic mess anyways and if they have an automated tool that takes focus off of their targets, it doesn’t sound very useful anyways.

Rogues have always had a significant advantage – that is the element of surprise. Nobody knows they’re being stalked until it’s too late anyways. Besides, I always expect that if I’m close enough to appear as a ghost, I was too close anyways. Good rogues aren’t going to allow that.

Actually spy users are the bads

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Isn’t every addon a crutch in some way?


You could say that but pvp in particular is skill based, if an addon makes you require less skill to win at pvp, then your victory is de-legitimized