Spy addon is cheating and you know it

Where’s the skill of being caught off guard? Isn’t that part of Vanilla?

Shouldn’t it take a certain amount of skill to actually…idk…be AWARE of your surroundings?

But no, it notifies you of everyone within a certain radius, essentially a track player addon, which if i’m not mistaken is against ToS.

Anyway, cheers!


You’re talking about the Combat Log… which is not against the ToS.

Stop spreading misinformation.


World pvp is a broken mess either way…

They need to release BG’s before they lose players.

I don’t see anything like that in my combat log.

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You don’t see enemy players casting spells?

Those same players that would be lost will be losing in BGs too. That or complaining about the next hot item waiting to shine - afk players and botting in BGs

No, only on me.

Then you should learn how to filter the combat log.

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Then you need to adjust the default settings of the Combat Log, all of which can be done without a single addon. You can alter text size, color, and filter for specific events from specific units. You can also extend the range of your Combat Log to capture events from specific units of one variety only so as to have a bigger range than you can see, also without a single addon.

The Combat Log provides a TON of information, for free, to everyone, by default.

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I just read the Combat log (i am a very fast reader) when i see 1337ganxz has gone into stealth i just Pop perception and Charge/Mortal strike, BAM! Threat eliminated.
Maybe you should get good too instead of blaming some addon idk what it is for you losing.


Ok cool I’ll take a look.

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It certainly is, I am using it too! I will not allow Horde to cheat I will cheat too…

I welcome Everyone get the addon, it works fantastic!

https ://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/spy-classic

It has saved me from Gank Squads probably 7 times last night alone, It has a handy list of people its seen and you can place them on Kill on Sight which alerts you when they are in your area.

It also gives there Health level which I use to gank them, and it allow you to click on them to target them before they even know you are there!

If Blizzard is going to allow this bogus exploit I will use it too!

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Fixed, and good for you!


Says you! Whatever Im onboard I too will cheat!


I am fine with this addon as players with real skill are not affected by it.


until blizzard decides to take a stance on it, you’re literally gimping yourself by not using it. Not really my style, I’m here to win, not have morals. World PvP is unfair on principle anyway.

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Its a great cheat! if you are hiding on a tree limb like in Feklwood I will know, if you are hiding on the bridge I will know, if you are hiding behind some housing waiting to gank me I will know!

Great Fantastic Cheat, Riveting and swift action Says ~ New York Times

Yep! I was running around wondering why Hunters would all the sudden turn around and Flare for no reason, I was wondering why Priests would stop fishing and Bubble, why Shaman that were skinning would all the sudden drop Totems at there feet!

NOW I KNOW! Its the great Exploit Cheat! Get it or get ganked!

You’re using addons. By your logic you’re cheating. Cry more, manchild.

Have at it. You’re cheating the same way these kids are vandalizing…