Make the spy addon unusable or bannable

This addon is ruining the game and let me explain why, it gives players who use this addon a absolute unfair advantage when it comes to world PvP and it is very apparent in phase 2. I play a Hunter and I have 8 different tracking abilities that are now useless and obsolete and no longer a defining part of the Hunter kit, why? because everyone gets a better form of tracking for FREE. This addon needs to be bannable for using or you need to make it so that it doesn’t function in the live game. People are quitting in phase 2 because of the unfair advantage that this addon is giving cheating players.


Agreed. + 1 Please email blizzard on this as well.


Its how it interacts with the game that makes it insanely difficult.

If you close the routes it uses it breaks everything from threat meters to boss mods.

There is no easy fix/solution and Spy addons have been in use since vanilla. They just werent very popular way back when and have only gotten better with time…

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And if it gets banned you’ll find another excuse to blame.


I stick up for this addon a lot. Not because I think it’s a great addon, but because all it does is read the combat log. So if Blizzard wanted to break it, they would have to do something that would have horrible repercussions on other addons and the game itself.

If they can find a way to wreck the addon without collateral damage, then I am fine with that.

This, is patently false.


Track Humanoids - The Hunter ability shows them on your mini map, Spy does not.
Track Hidden - Spy cannot “see” anyone in stealth.
Track Undead - Spy doesn’t alert you to undead unless they are undead race players.
Track Beasts - Spy doesn’t alert you to beasts.
Track Dragonkin - Spy doesn’t alert you to these either.
Track Elementals - Spy, nope.
Track Demons - Spy, nope.
track Giants - Spy nope.

Also Spy doesn’t alert you if you are in combat while your tracking works regardless of being in combat or not.
So it ruins 8 tracking abilities?

Do you have numbers on all or any of the people who have quit because of Spy?
With no numbers just saying people are quitting seems like a dis ingenious statement where you are just making things up trying to build an argument.


Make these threads bannable and ban anyone whom creates a new one.


Consolidated all 51 threads into one


There are a lot of addons that track things so well in pvp that it makes a huge difference. You can tell where your opponents are, track players behind walls, when their cooldowns are up, what their spec is, etc… It’s absolutely game automation, and should all be broken.

Which is why I’m in favor of them disabling all addons all together to level the playing field.


If all addons are available to all players, then the playing field is level. Players that choose not to use these addons are willingly subjecting themselves to a disadvantage where these addons do provide an advantage, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell I don’t use spy, and I’m still perfectly fine with it. Blizzard must be perfectly fine with it, too, since despite all the countless threads being made, it still hasn’t been banned 15 years since the game launched.

I want to play wow, not addon bots.


Hold up. Spy shows where my target is on the minimap and updates their position in real time?

(Oh. It doesn’t, and you’re just reaching for hyperbole to make a point.)

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Everyone Download the SPY addon Today. It’s Awesome tracking the palyers ganking low levels.

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hyperbole statement, implying this one addon is going to make the entire game, including raids ruined.

can get the same advantage reading your combat log, so no it does not.

Poor representation of our class, it does nothing to any of our tracking abilites, and in fact if you are doing pvp, you probbaly want track hidden on for increased stealth detection, because spy wont track them for you. I think the closest thing you can say that gives any credence to this, is it removes the surprise of someone using stealth to gank you, which track hidden and human racials can technically do as well, but still does not diminish usefuless of them.

About as bannable as using DBM, Prat, or… your combat log.

People are quitting for phase 2 because server imbalance, lack of paying attention to forewarning about pvp servers, and being too sensitive to how old school MMO’s work.

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SO im horde on a horde dominated server and i hate this addon, people use it to know weather or not its worth trying to engage in wpvp. It absolutely needs to be banned because it makes the Allaince just hide on my server the moment they get outnumberd their group disbands . It also makes my horde go oh wow we out number the alliance here 5 to 1 i better join this group we are winning, basically it tells people to avoid fights. It really is an unfair addon. Imagine an addon that tells you every time a rogue is near you when your alone… oh wait i think this addon does that too with to stealth classes


Could you explain this to me? Because my combat log just tells me how much I was hit for and by what. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it tell me that a priest was nearby


In your combat log it will say sonandso casts power word shield. Oh, PW:S is a priest spell, there is a priest nearby.


In which tab of your combat log? “My actions” or “What happened to me?”

In the “everything” tab.

edit: just looked, there is no everything tab in Classic. All that stuff shows up in the “what happened to me” section and is highly customizable.


Ah so what youre saying is it automates something you would have to manually activate yourself, not much different than TM or Details? However Threat meters are not comparable to spy as threatmeters applies a Numeric value to damage dealt and converts it into threat, As do Details; it just puts all damage dealt into a separate tab outside of the Base UI tabs and does math.

The argument towards SPY is that it takes the combat log and doesnt do math, it also can tell you if an opposing faction player is near you and coupled with other addons could be abused to give exact co-ordinates of players (Killed Mob X; Mob X spawns in 3 spots within combat log update range, check area XYZ). The POTENTIAL of abuse of this addon is why it should be banned in my opinion; not that it is inherently doing something you cant; However there is no way to couple Threatmeters or Details/Recount with another addon in this way.

The coupling of such things could end all forms of stealth and allow as you say a Human to allow an addon to do something they would originally have to rely on a racial ability to do.