What is being done about the Spy addon?

It’s exhausting to read all of the responses to other posts about this like, “You can already do all of these things by opening a combat log and looking at it,” or “It’s nothing that /target can’t do.”

But, if I’m drinking water behind some natural defilade - a hill or trees - and a mounted warlock I’ve not seen before who has no line of sight to me dismounts and sends his pet after me… that can’t be recreated from viewing combat logs or typing /target. That player never should have known I was recovering mana in a tree trunk. Without line of sight they could not have seen my nameplate to type /tar . But, because of the spy add-on, they can see I exist, target me, and their pet will find me.

Beyond that, even if you are looking at combat logs and typing /target; that’s pretty good. You’re a good multitasker and probably a talented player.

The people using Spy to initiate engagements can just as well be talentless children.