This is how to disable Spy, Blizz

Spy parses the combat log for actions performed by enemy players.

Apply a conditional filter to the events sent to combat log. Do not send the events to combat log about enemy players unless you’re in combat with them.

Apply this filter to all the events player receives about enemy players.

Algorithm of determining if you’re in combat with someone isn’t that hard too. I guess you already have it implemented in many places (for example when system decides whether you should be granted honorable kill or not, simply without level check).

From a developer point of view I don’t see anything impossible here.

EDIT1: I see many people here are afraid that it would break other addons. Some even afraid that it would break PvE addons (deatails, dbm, etc.)
I do not suggest to disable all the events and all the logs.
I specifically said “about enemy players”. And only if you’re not in combat with them.
It’s all a matter of implemented CONDITION (aka filter).
It’s possible to use common sense here and implement it the way that any interactions with enemy players by you and your nearby raid members STILL will be present in logs. There is no issue here


It’s never about if Blizzard CAN, it’s about if Blizzard SHOULD.

Also, no, they shouldn’t.



No that would break details . Please go away .

Most of us are happy with spy


If this lower spy threads, Im all in. Jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets be real, who is combing those logs anyway? Im too busy focused on engagement.

But while its here, my rogue will use it.

I just want the thing that pops up when a player stealths removed.


Not that many people even use Spy. The amount of QQ about an addon that few people use is astonishing.

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if bliz wanna ban Spy, they would have done so already. They wouldnt wait this long to do something about it. So it will stay no matter what.

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Simpler solution:

Dont be a bad player.

Stealth further away from your target.


You dont need to “comb your logs”, you can create a new combat log, and set it to only show enemy player actions.

And then put it somewhere on your screen that youll notice.

That simple.



I want to say something but ; I just can’t. I’ll be nice.

How would that break Details!?

Translation: I can’t play the game as it is.

This is the best post ever.

If spy were a problem, it would have been broken a decade ago.

Yeah, just stealth 200 yards away and walk at a reduced speed until you… oh, the player has been gone for 5 minutes. Genius.


As if we needed more confirmation everyone who rolled UD Rogues were looking to faceroll their way through pvp.

Cry more. Learn2Play


lmao I’m on a PvE server, moron.

Says the player who needs addon crutches in PvP.


Spy is the anti-coward addon. Leave it intact. Only those who are cowards would complain about it as it forces them to face their enemy on even footing.

What if you are Ganking on a boat? There is literally no place to stealth on the boat that spy doesn’t detect. So much for “lol just stealth farther away bro.”

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What if you just grew a pair?..

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