Pvp spy help me please

Waa waa waa I died in pvp, lifes hard, I’m quitting. Spy addon is destroying my mind.

It’s rough out there I know I’m still leveling with limited play time. It’s hard, it’s infuriating, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s a game, it’s only for a limited time, it’s time to harden up and stop sooking. Enjoy it while it’s here and if not relish in the fact you know it will die down by bg’s release. Who cares go level an alt of PVE server if it’s that bad.

The spy addon doesn’t help other then alert you and maybe assist in targeting.

Guess what it is quite irrelevant at any time there is likely horde / ally within ganking distance spy addon or not so either way people are alert.

So sick of these boring posts.