My Email to Blizzard over the Spy Addon

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The case against the Spy Add on. Digging Deeper

In pvp, in some classes, stealth is one of the main features. It is relied upon to use some skills and spells to work. It is needed for the element of surprise. Ambush, cheap shot, Ravage, and a few other skills need stealth to be able to work.

Now the Addon “Spy” Negates the stealth class for Rogues, Druids, and even shadowmeld Night Elves.
It detects enemies by combat log, for all in that entails. Eating, dismounting, buffing, entering stealth, so and so on. This happens by the add on reading and reporting what you configure it to. So, although you might not be able to see the person, he might be behind walls, hills, behind you out of camera sight, the add on will report him to you. It also takes and networks, yes networks with other Spy addon users. It effectively canvases an entire zone by marking the reports on a map. It will give you knowledge that you would not have in detail that you could not achieve by yourself.

This Addon goes against the spirit of Vanilla and against the spirit of competition. If a person has to download the add on to be competitive, then the add on is to powerful, it is not aesthetic in nature and it uses networking to make it overpowered. I would love to see this add on broken, or at least gimped to not be able to network I would love if they keep it shorten the distance that your combat log can reach to maybe only a couple feet, instead of 200yrds.


Thank you for sending this email friend, Most appreciative :slight_smile: as are many others I am sure, even if nobody has replied yet.

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