Was Spy around during vanilla?

Was it around during vanilla (04-06)? If so keep it if not get rid of it.

So the answer is that there were similar add ons back in vanilla, however they performed differently by having less detectable features than what Spy in 2019 has.

Therefore, it needs to be gone.


Yes it just wasn’t popular. Now everyone sees and copies what their favorite streamer does.


Estafan Hates Spy, I asked him today in his stream.

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Yes. As a human warlock, it was a must have to protect against ud rogues.

There was also a similar addon that scanned for rare spawns, i got brokentooth on my hunter alt with it.


The actual Spy was not developed until 2009. There were add ons like it at the very end of vanilla.


An addon with the same function, under a different name, had been around since vanilla beta. Any smart player had it.


Not everything was always on curse.
Was a time when you might have to look 10 different places for an addon, wowace, wowinterface, individual sites etc

Not Spy the individual addon itself, other addons like it though?
Spy is probably the longest running and best made of them


you must have not read all of my post. You are starting to resemble another person that overlooks what I post.

Are you having a seizure?
You said 2009 a date you got from curse
I said 2007 it was initially available elsewhere, before curse.
Spy, not things LIKE Spy, but Spy.
If i had meant things LIKE Spy, i would have mentioned old addons from 2004, but i did not, did i?

What does this resemble now?

Yup…at that time it was called roll a human and hit perception :slight_smile:

Spy specifically was not.

A few addons that did similar things (warning for nearby enemeies and stealth) did exist.

The most notable was probably Radar. Radar was never banned or blocked. It was not very well maintained and wasn’t written very well. But worked that same as Spy by reading the Combat Log. A few others also did the same but I do not remember their names.

However, many people back in the day thought Radar should be banned. Mainly because they mistook it for another program that did exist that was a geniune hack (it read WoW memory) and it was bannable program by Blizzard. But Radar only used the combat log, so Blizzard never banned it. Like Spy.

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If it was then post your source. I have a valid source, you do not. Unless you find it then mine is king. Now why are you acting so rude. I feel like you are feeling threatened about losing the add on or something, which you should, because its a cheat.

Amusing, have you ever heard of this thing called archive dot org?

That is also amusing since

  1. You already know i dont use the addon, we already had this discussion, you thought my reasoning for not using it (I find a map plagued with meaningless dots annoying) was stupid, remember?

  2. I am this thing called a druid, we turn into furry kitties and stealth
    but we call it prowl, we can also dash in prowl, that means run really fast.
    And i also happen to be a NELF and we have this racial ability, it is called shadowmeld, we vanish and become invisible.

Archive dot org is technically not a source. You would have to also provide the original url where it was found so it can be checked or linked through archive dot org.

I might and I might not. Instead of trying to belittle people why not just post your source.

I understand you say things, but excuse me if I do not take your word for things. You seem like you have an agenda you are trying to prove, but instead of facts you use slander.

Ya, so what is your point?

I’ve been reading about “Spy” and my opinion is blizzard should ban it. It’s unfair aganist rogues who have to stealth to pvp


You can’t
The API is Blizzard, they can not ban themselves, and in over 10 years, they have not felt the need to change the API in this regard.

Spy has been around a long time.

It’s not going anywhere.

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LUA scripting is not an API.

Let me shoot down your “smart response” before you even post it:

develop battle net/access/clients <- Blizzard’s REAL APIs

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Where did i say it was?

yes i already have this, but thankyou, others may not know it