Spy addon has been around since 2009 and it's not going anywhere

As the title says, the addon has been released in May 2009. And if Blizzard hasn’t banned it for over 10 years, they will surely not do it now, just because you complain about it.


2009 was cata lol

Your point being ?

Not Classic or Vanilla.

So ? Still WoW. Should I stop using a smartphone because I didn’t have one back in Vanilla times ?

I should just point you to retail now I guess.

You’re the one posting from a lvl 13 char.

2009 was Wrath…

you are correct, 2010 is cata, I missed it by a year.

It doesn’t matter when that addon gets used. It’s allowed in Classic like ALL OF THE OTHER ADDONS that didn’t exist in Vanilla are getting used in Classic right now.

Many people don’t even realize how many of them didn’t exist in Vanilla. Heck, even DBM was way worse back then.

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There’s already a mega thread regarding Spy:

In vanilla we had a mod called Paranoia instead.

Only noobs use spy addon. Idc if its banned or not. but it makes the game easier and i like a challenge so id never use that lame crap.

idk its useful for estimating the number of people in raid vs raid fights. Instead of saying “it looks like 20”, the addon can tell you its 14.

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