The Spy Addon

I see people announcing enemy players.
Anyone knows if it announces rogues in stealth too?
Because, you know, if it does, it completely makes our basic ability obsolete.

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That’s it’s main selling point.

If you’re close enough too me that your stealth will show up in combat logs, the add on will announce it.

it does warn you a stealth player is around

Kind of dumb how stealth shows up in combat logs. Like, it’s supposed to be a sneaking ability. Not an alerting one.


This is so great.
Without stealth I’m a warrior in leather.



It only works if you actually go into stealth in the vicinity of someone with the add on.

Say if you’re waiting in stealth at the dock near Nessy’s camp in STV, someone with the addon who walks up wouldn’t be alerted of your presence.


Good thing that our most damaging abilities don’t require us to sneak close to a target in stealth and engage them.
Oh wait.


How did you miss this ancient thread about this add-on:


Yeah I don’t even play rogue but this is like borderline cheating. Not fair to them.



And for anyone who says “but I can watch my combat logs” then…do that. Split your focus on the log rather than have it automated for you.


Just because someone uses stealth it doesnt mean they are going to attack you. I restealthed all the time when doing quests and killing quest mobs.

so a fury warrior?


100% for sure mate

It’s not though. Because you can’t see them even if it alerts you 0.o

this addon lets you create a KoS list in game, that gives you a warning anytime you come across a player you put on your KoS list. How anyone can play on a PvP server without this addon is beyond me.


It announces whatever is in the combat log.

When people go into or come out of stealth it shows up in the combat log. Spy reads the combat log.

In other words; THE GAME itself announces to EVERYONE around when people stealth. Spy just puts it into a different (better) interface.


You mean, how can anyone play fair?
No idea what combat log you people have, but I see nowhere in my combat log anything about players being stealth near me

Also who walks/farms/quest watching the combat log?
Also, nothing in the combat log about the enemy’s level.
Also also also, I could make a whole list.

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This is a new and interesting topic. Cant wait to see where this thread goes.

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Completely fair. You’re free to get the addon just like anyone else. I play a feral druid, and I don’t care at all if someone is alerted when I stealth. They still won’t find me.

And Spy wont show you that either. Maybe you should actually know what it does.

What it WILL do (and your Combat Log will do, when showing enemy actions) is tell you when a previously non-stealthed Rogue casts Stealth, which will tell you that A - a Rogue nearby has entered stealth, and B - theres a Rogue nearby (or was, when he entered stealth).

Thats all it does.


I learned about it 2 days ago, I downloaded it to see what the hell it does.
It actually says the name of the player who is stealthed near you, in many occasions.
It also tells the name and level of players who are near the area but not even visible to you, due to distance.
It even gives coordinates FFS.