Downloaded Spy Addon

Some people love it.

Some people hate it.

Curiosity won and I plunked it on to see what it is all about.



There are some things about this addon that are neat, such as player notes, Kill on Sight, you win/loss ratios and neat little toolboxes.

But everything else? I don’t even have to give 20 damns on a PvP server.

Unless a Rogue/Druid has been in stealth forever, it will auto alert with a popup and sound the moment they stealth! I know who you are and that you are coming. Hell, I don’t even have to SEE where you are! It lets me target you right away!

A fancy sound notification pops up, with the option of AUTO reporting to a selected channel right away, along with the coordinates of said person.

My personal thought is that this addon has too much functionality. It has some neat ones as I’ve mentioned, but the rest makes you not even care. You don’t have to pay attention to the world, or dead NPCs giving a clue there was someone here recently. No worries about watching your combat log or local defense, the addon does it for you.

Until this addon gets addressed by Blizzard, many will use it to get an edge on PVP servers.

Spy has too much functionality and needs to be addressed, please.


The only way to stop addons from doing this is to protect the combat log and make it hidden.

Many many addons and even a basic weak aura can report things to chat. DBM does it also, communicating with ther DBM addons.


good thing cross realm bgs are coming i can sit in the city and que for bg’s and av,


More collateral damage incoming…

You want to disable the combat log?


Careful what you wish for.

Having action taken against this addon has the potential to break many other addons that are harmless and nothing more than informational.

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The addon doesn’t stop people from ganking you, though…

I mean, if that’s what you’re choosing to do, that’s you…

I mean, I guess?

It’s been over a month since Blizzard were made aware of this add-on and they’ve done nothing about it, unlike ClassicLFG which they broke within days of it becoming known … seems Blizzar doesn’t care about it, which is a shame as clearly it’s game-breaking in several ways.

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It gave me more environmental knowledge in a heartbeat for folks questing in the zone, and I already knew who/what they were. Not a single person got a jump on me.

Now, ??, doesn’t matter either way if they’re far beyond your level. Mounts/strong hitting spells, you die regardless if they wish you to.

Like stated, it is an addon I installed yesterday. I’ve always enjoyed tracking dead NPCs, personally. If everyone runs the addon, not only do they know you are there, they can automatically report your stats and coordinates in local with two clicks.

x,y is way more precise than “Over by the gnolls” “In the fields” etc.

I personally dislike it because it reminds me too much of retail. Automated and simplified.

Umm classicLFG is far from broke, it works great!

They just lowered the functionality though, yes? Still compiles a list from chat channels?

I downloaded it out of curiosity too mainly because a youtuber I like watching was using it, main reason I did is because while many players in forums were saying that this addon would kill PvP the guy in question was doing the opposite, using the addon to look for PvP opportunities… After testing it I feel it actually encourages PvP with the kill on sight list and win/loss ratio…

It’s honestly not game breaking at all. The few times it actually tells you about players you wouldn’t see anyway is:

  1. If they are in a flight path which is a false alert anyway.
  2. If they are trying to gank you while you are busy fighting something else, in this case it just puts you in slightly less disadvantage but you are still at a disadvantage.
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So…you’re mad that you can’t attack people without them knowing you’re attacking them…?

I mean, people still call out cords when they tell people where they’re at. It’s not like the addon is the only thing that uses cordinates…

That being said, I’d be fine if the addon was broken.

I love that part about it! The fun little tooltips and battle tracking was a great idea.

Mine works extremely well, then. It targeted Horde above me on the hills, some behind trees. Some in the water. And they were just traveling. It seems regardless of combat log skimming, if they are in target range, it’ll alert anyway.

It’s not really too hard to target something if it’s in range. Last night in WC I was able to target Lady Anaconda without seeing her or being in combat range by typing “/tar lady”.
The other stuff this addon does like KOS list sounds cool, I’m going to check it out.

Well, yes, /tar works great if you know their name and it will target regardless of which direction you are facing.

Normally that cannot be done in PvP unless you already know of the person’s name.

With all due respect, that wasn’t even on subject with what I said?

I mean if I want a list of names and who is where, that’s what a battleground is for. World PVP is its own unique flavor. I like getting surprise jumped and I like surprise jumping people, that’s part of the world magic, I suppose.


I mean you can target someone regardless of which direction you’re facing without the addon, too…

I’d say a bigger quelm is the fact that it allows you to target people underground, or behind walls / in caves and stuff.

I mean sight is a thing and left clicking someone is just as easy. It’s not like the addon is giving you extra vision range or something.

Understand and agree. As a warlock I’d be fine with them getting rid of the addon. Won’t make a difference to me. :man_shrugging:

Indeed. I am curious on Blizzard’s stance on this most importantly.

There are a lot of things I like about it stated above, but it just seems too much for what it offers.

If it auto targets, I believe this is considered automation, and is grounds for breaking.

It previously allowed you to form groups without even using chat, by just pinging other users of the addon. Now you can’t do that.